All Terrain Wheel Attachment for Wheelchair

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Ableware 700010000 Morph Wheels-Folding Wheels for Wheelchairs

Morph Wheels-Folding for Wheelchairs are designed to be foldable wheelchairs. Is intended facilitate transportation when traveling. It  comes complete with rim, push rim and solid tire, and are designed to fit any chair with a standard quick release axle. Attaching Morph™ Wheels or removing them from the wheelchair is exactly the same process as with any other wheels that use quick release axles. The axle acts as a fail-safe mechanism ensuring that as long as it is through the hub of the wheel t

Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment

The Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment is an all-terrain third wheel designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. Once the FreeWheel is clamped to the footrest of a rigid frame wheelchair, the wheelchair user can safely traverse terrains such as grass, sand, curbs, or rough roads and walkways. For folding wheelchairs, the FreeWheel can be attached using the Folding Wheelchair Adaptor (sold separately). The FreeWheel, or FreeWheel with Adaptor, comes with everyth

HEROes Xavier Wheelchair

HEROes Series of Sport Wheelchairs is designed to withstand and navigate on different terrain such as sand. This wheelchair is made so that users can participate in beach volleyball or rugby. HERO Xavier was inspired by fictional superhero and leader of the X-Men Charles Francis Xavier aka Professor X.

TopChair S

The TopChair S is a electronic seat intended to help people in wheelchairs or with mobility disabilities to move independently. Is designed in three different models.

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