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Adapted Battery-Powered Tricycle

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a child with multiple disabilities, including cerebral palsy and lung disease, with a means of independent mobility. In consultation with the child’s therapists, a battery-powered Wind Rider tricycle was purchased and custom-modified to the child’s needs. First the existing foot switch was replaced with a hand switch. A control was also added that enables family members to regulate the maximum speed of the bike and limit the rate of acceleration. The socket

Commander Tricycle

The Commander Tricycle is a powered three wheel cycle designed for use by individuals with arthritis, mobility disabilities, or neurological disabilities. This cycle has three large spoked wheels, a saddle-style seat, upright handlebars, twist grip speed controller, and a rear basket. POWER: Uses an under-basket utility battery for a range of 15 miles or an in-basket industrial battery for a range of 40 miles. A 6 amp automatic charger is included. A Bosch Executive 200 Drive unit is standard.

Conquest Wheelchair Bike

The Conquest Wheelchair Bike is a three-wheeled motorcycle with wheelchair platform designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This vehicle is based on the BMW R-Series motorcycle with a front engine and rear wheel drive. Drivers can roll their wheelchairs onto the vehicle via an automated access ramp. The motorcycle has a reverse gear, and all of its controls are hand operated. Other features include keyless entry; waterproof interior trim; VDO Dayton single CD tuner with 140 watts ma

Custom Motorized Trikes

Custom Motorized Trikes are powered adult tricycles designed for use by individuals with mobility or lower extremity disabilities. Motorcycles and sidecars are custom converted to motorized tricycles with hand controls that eliminate shifting with the left foot. Honda and Harley Davidson models can be converted using Motor Trike conversion kits. OPTIONS: Kliktronic electronic shifter; Champion reverse gears; Champion EZ-Steer; trailer hitch dock.

Custom Powered Scooter

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype a custom powered scooter for an child with Thrombocytopenia with Absent Radius (TAR) syndrome that assists him in traveling but is not as cumbersome and restrictive as a powered wheelchair. The Custom Powered Scooter is modified from an E200 Razor electric scooter. Custom additions include a free-wheel mechanism, adjustable seat, auxiliary wheels, extended handlebar, and foot-mounted brake and accelerator controls. A one-way bearing incorpo

Freedom Ryder Frh-1X Series (Models Frh-1A X-250, Frh-1A X-350, Frh-1 X-250 & Frh-1 X-350)

The Freedom Ryder FRH-1X series, models FRH-1A X-250, FRH-1A X-350, FRH-1 X-250 and FRH-1 X-350, is a power-assisted three-wheeled cycled designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This handcycle adds an electric power system to Freedom Ryder FRH-1 and FRH-1A models (see separate entries). The FRH-1X series features Lithium Manganese battery technology from BionX. The electric power system includes a motor inside the front wheel hub of th

Glide Electric Tricycle

The Glide Electric Tricycle is designed for children and adults with lower extremity disabilities. Users can pedal and then switch to the wrist controlled throttle. Has a rechargeable 500W motor powered by a 36 V SLA battery, which can be plugged into any wall electrical socket.

Modifications To Electric Tricycle

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create custom adaptions to an electronic tricycle to slow acceleration and provide a safe, secure bucket seat for a child with ataxic cerebral palsy. Ataxic cerebral palsy causes the child to be unsteady and a little shaky but does not diminish the child’s desire for speed. In order to accommodate the child’s “need for speed,” a custom adaptation was created using an electric ride on tricycle acquired through funding by the Family Assistance Fundi

Palmer Independence (Model 24)

The Palmer Independence, model 24, is a powered three-wheeled scooter designed for one-handed, outdoor use by individuals with arthritis, mobility or neurological disabilities, or spinal cord injury. The scooter has full differential gear drive, detachable arms, a contoured loop steering wheel, and a dash panel on the steering bar that contains lights, horn, on/off key, and gear indicator light. A twist grip throttle is also located on the steering bar. This scooter is equipped with moped tires.

Palmer Joyrider

The Palmer Joyrider is a three wheel cycle designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, arthritis, mobility disabilities, or neurological disabilities. Available with or without a motor, this cycle features walk-in entry, a contoured seat back, and a large rear basket. The motorized models can be used with power only, with power-assisted pedaling, or pedling without power. A non-motorized double model with two seats, two handlebars, and two front wheels is also available. POWER: The

Palmer Twosome (Model 24)

The Palmer Twosome, model 24, is a two-person, battery-powered three-wheeled cycle designed for outdoor use. This cycle has detachable armrests; full differential gear drive; parking brake; and a large rear basket. This cycle offers one-handed operation with a contoured loop steering bar and a dash panel that contains a gear indicator light, on/off key, lights, horn, and a twist grip throttle. The vehicle is equipped with three 16-inch moped tires on spoked wheels. POWER: Uses two group 24 bat

Power Wheels Kawasaki Guide 'n Drive Cycle

The Power Wheels Kawasaki Guide 'n Drive Cycle is a powered three-wheeled cycle designed for use by children with mobility disabilities from 1.5 to four years of age. This riding toy features a removable rear handle that enables adults to aid in control and balance until the child has mastered riding. Additional features include a rear storage compartment, a pretend fuel cap, and an activity dashboard with clicking knobs and a pretend microphone. POWER: Battery operated. SPEEDS: 2.5 miles per h

Shopper Tricycle

The Shopper Tricycle is a powered three wheel cycle designed for use by individuals with arthritis, mobility disabilities, or neurological disabilities. This cycle has three large spoked wheels, a saddle-style seat, upright handlebars, and a rear basket. A choice of controllers is available. POWER: A choice of motors, batteries, and battery cases is available. A battery charger is included. DIMENSIONS: 24 inches wide.

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