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Typing Instruction Program

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First Keys

First Keys is a language tutorial program and computer keyboarding instruction program designed for children with learning or cognitive disabilities. It links the development of keyboard awareness to early literacy skills. It is suitable for young children or older pupils with learning difficulties. Users develop keyboard skills through picture matching, letter recognition, word building, and spelling exercises. The location of keys is taught by matching letters with pictures and speech. The pro

Five Finger Typist

The Five Finger Typist is a typing instruction program designed for use by individuals with use of only one hand. Suitable for right- or left-handed typists, the program is designed to enable users to place their fingers on the home row of the keyboard and mimic the animated on-screen hand movements through a series of exercises. This program enables users to work at their own pace by beginning with simple exercises and gradually learning more keystrokes. The program also tracks typing accuracy

Herzog System Of Keyboarding

The Herzog System of Keyboarding is a typing instruction program designed for use by individuals with developmental or physical disabilities. This system is designed for teaching keyboarding skills without using the "home row" method. It uses HUB KEY Sensors for correctly positioning the hands. With this system, students from 7 to 70 can learn to type in just hours. The system is especially beneficial to learners with disabilities. Instructor's manual and 2 levels of materials are included.

Key Words: Special Needs Version

Key Words: Special Needs Version is a typing instruction program designed to introduce and enhance keyboarding skills for children with developmental or physical disabilities. Key Words teaches students to learn to type using fun phrases, written by a children's poet. Exercises replicate patterns that occur most often and naturally, using simplified letter and word patterns in small passages. Short activities, a scrolling interface and fun language, and color graphics hold students' attention. T

Keyboarding By Ability

Keyboarding by Ability is a typing instruction program designed to teach keyboarding skills at employable speeds using a touch system to people who have use of only one hand or who have use of 3 or less fingers on one hand. This program utilizes a unique progressive learning system (which includes visual cues and human voice), allowing the student to learn by building upon his or her progress. Each lesson is presented in an easy step-by-step format. The first lesson shows a full visually-cued ke

Keyboarding For Individual Achievement

Keyboarding for Individual Achievement is a typing instruction program for people with learning and reading disabilities (including dyslexia), blindness or low vision. This program teaches keyboarding skills through a visually- and audibly-cued, split screen, alphabetical approach that has been tested to meet the needs of children and adults with various learning style needs. There are three editions available - Students with Learning Disabilities; Students with Dyslexia; and Students with Visua

Kid Keys

Kid Keys is a voice output program designed to introduce and enhance keyboarding and reading skills for students with developmental and physical disabilities. Three activities combine voice, music, graphics, animation and sound to help students progress from learning key positions to typing smoothly and accurately. Students develop letter and word recognition, learn letters and words through the use of speech technology, and develop sequencing skills while taking the first steps in computer lite

Kid's Typing

Kid's Typing is a typing instruction program designed to instruct students in proper typing skills for children with developmental or physical disabilities. Spooky, the ghost, guides students through the program and creates new lessons based on students' accuracy and speed. He starts with simple exercises that teach the locations of the keys and advances students through exercises and games that concentrate on problem areas. The faster students type, the more fun Spooky creates, keeping accuracy

Pc Talking Typing Tutor

The PC Talking Typing Tutor is a typing instruction program designed for students who are blind or have low vision or who have different learning styles. This interactive tutorial program teaches students to touch type on a computer keyboard. It is self-voicing and has a large print display. Users can change the voice, speaking rate, and pitch of voice output, and the font style, font size, and foreground and background colors of the display. The program provides voice feedback so students can e

Read, Write & Type

Read, Write & Type is a software tutorial program designed to teach reading and writing for children who have a learning disability. Designed for children aged 6-8 years, it builds early phonics and reading skill while children learn to write and type on the computer. It does this by teaching children to type by linking speech sounds with specific finger motions. The program introduces 40 speech sounds of the English language in a sequence carefully designed to allow children to quickly prog

Stickybear Typing

Stickybear Typing is a typing instruction program designed for children from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade who have cognitive or learning disabilities. The program allows students to sharpen typing skills and achieve keyboard mastery with three multi-level activities. The Stickybear Keypress activity, for young players and beginners, allows typing practice from the simplest drills in home key position to complex exercises that require the full keyboard. The Stickybear Thump activity build

Talking Typer For Windows (Models D-03430-00 & D-03430-Ed)

Talking Typer for Windows is a voice output computer keyboarding and typing instruction program designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision. This training software speaks and displays lessons on-screen, including drills, practice, and typing games. Lessons can be adjusted to the student's skill level and level of vision. The software can be used by individual students or by multiple students in a networked training environment. The program includes features for teachers, such a

Talking Typing Teacher

Talking Typing Teacher is a typing instruction program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Typing lessons, practice drills, and typing speed tests are displayed on screen while being read out loud. Every lesson or practice session is read with pre-recorded digitized human speech, making it unnecessary for users to understand synthetic speech. Digitized human speech is used for all menus, lessons, and help. Synthetic text-to-speech is used only to read the student's

Typewriting For Blind Students: Teacher Kit (Model 1-08880-00) & Student Kit (Model 1-08970-00)

Typewriting for Blind Students is a recorded typing instruction program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This instructional program is recorded on four-track cassettes that run at 15/16 inches per second (ips). The lessons teach typewriter keyboard fingering and help students develop speed and accuracy. The Student Kit, model 00-08970-00, has lessons designed for students working at their own rate, while the Teacher Kit, model 1-08880-00, also has lessons designe

Ultrakey Keyboarding Tutor

The UltraKey Keyboarding Tutor is a typing instruction program designed for use by students with low vision or learning disabilities. This program teaches touch-typing and keyboarding using voice, three-dimensional animation, video, and virtual reality. Instruction is voice-accompanied, and display options include standard, bright, high-contrast, and space-themed. The instructional program features individual challenge levels and other personal options that adapt to age and learning style. Stude

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