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Low Vision Timer

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Big And Bold 60-Minute Timer

The Big and Bold Timer is a multi-use low vision timer fo use by people with visual disabilities. This 60-minute timer features a setting knob on the face, numerical designation in five-minute intervals, and line minute markings in between. Wall-mounting tabs are included. DIMENSIONS: The timer is 8 inches in diameter and its numbers are 1.38 inches high. COLOR: White with black numbers.

Ceramic Pot Minder

The Pot Minder is a ceramic disc that keeps a pot from boiling over. The ceramic disc begins to chatter in the bottom of the pot when water or other liquid is about to boil. The Pot Minder modifies the size and number of bubbles rising to the top of the pot, preventing messy boil overs. This tool is useful to low vision chefs as it prevents dangerous boil overs.

Color Change Timer

The Color Change Timer is a color, sound and light alert timer designed for both hearing or sight-impaired individuals. Once the time is set, the timer will pulse green, at 10 minutes it changes to pulse yellow. For the final minute, the timer pulses red and sounds a bell alarm.

iLuv SmartShaker

iLuv SmartShaker is an app enabled vibrating alarm clock. It is designed to be used by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Through the app, the user can set up ten different alarms, set different days, and snooze durations. The battery lasts up to 30 days on a charge. The SmartShakers works independently without the users phone or Bluetooth connection once the alarm is set. 

Low Vision Long Ring Timer (Model 448666)

Low vision 60 minute timer. Large circular timer, for wall or table. Large black numerals on white background.

Pocket Talking Timer and Clock

The Pocket Talking Timer and Clock is a 2-in-1 timer and clock designed to keep individuals who are blind or have low vision informed of their cooking progress with alarm sounds and voice prompts. The countdown timer announces in a clear female voice the time the user has remaining until 00:00. At the 20-minute mark, for example, the user will hear a beep followed by the announcement, “20 minutes left.” Depending on the time the user sets, the Pocket Talking Timer and Clock will alert him or her

Polder Buzz and Beep Digital Vibrating Timer

The Polder Buzz and Beep Digital Vibrating Timer is designed for individuals with low vision. The Polder Buzz and Beep Digital Vibrating Timer is a buzz & beep digital timer that allows the user to set a countdown alarm in hours, minutes and seconds, up to 100 hours. This is a digital timer for the hearing impaired, due to its buzz and beep feature. Overtime Feature means that after reaching zero, the timer automatically begins counting up. Set timer to vibrate and beep, or vibrate only, to

Reizen Talking Alarm Clock With Voice Guidance

An accessible and adaptive alarm clock, this talking alarm clock announces the time, day of week and date, and includes voice guidance that walks you through setting and using it with audible prompts.

Reizen Talking Atomic Blue Dial Chrome Watch - Blue Leather Band

The Reizen Talking Atomic Blue Dial Chrome Watch is designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. The Reizen Talking Atomic Watch announces time, day of week, alarm status, and more. The watch automatically sets itself and adjusts for daylight savings. The watch features a blue leather band, chrome finish, and classic-looking analog display with a second hand. The 1.25-inch blue face has bold white numbers at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00. All other hours marked by lines.

Single Timer

The Single Timer is a low vision timer designed for use by individuals with low vision. This digital timer's display has 1.25-inch bold black digits to help prevent eye strain. It displays minutes and seconds. The timer has a loud 30-second alarm, and it can count down from 100 minutes. It has a magnet so that it will stick to any metallic surface and a clip to attach to an apron or belt. The controls have minute, second, start/stop and clear selection buttons.

Slim Digital Timer With Clock And Alarm (Model 5846)

The Slim Digital Timer with Clock and Alarm, model 5846, is a low vision timer and digital alarm clock designed for use by individuals with low vision. Designed to increase visibility and reduce eye strain, this ultra slim timer has a large 1.25 inch LCD screen that displays minutes and seconds in 1.2-inch high digits. The timer can be set for times up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, and it has a memory function that recalls last set timing event. Other features include start/stop and mode select

Speak N' Brew Coffee Maker

The Speak N' Brew Coffee Maker is a voice input and voice output coffee maker designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This stainless steel 10-cup coffee maker is equipped with an internal chip that understands speech and is used to set the clock or program the brew time. The user speaks the time he or she wants the coffee ready and the device answers, confirming the time. The time is also shown in a display window as the device can also be manually operated. Features in

Sport EZ Talking Watch

The Sport EZ Talking Watch is a watch featuring an analog and digital face that is designed for people who are blind, visually impaired, or who have low vision to tell time. The talking watch is water-resistant which means it can withstand incidental contact with water. Features include an hourly chime, alarm with snooze, and seconds hand. The analog face has silver numbers on a black background as well as small digital window.

Stoplight Golight Timer

The Stoplight Golight Timer is designed for both individuals with hearing or cognitive impairments to help manage time. It can be used for children as young as two. Red light means stop and complete task, green light means time is up, and it’s time to go. Users will set the desired amount of time and press Start. The red light illuminates and time counts down. When time is up, red light off, green light on. ?

Tactile Low Vision Timer (Models 421132 & 421133)

The Tactile Low Vision Timer, models 421132 and 421133, is a tactile timer designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This high visibility kitchen timer has raised, bold, high contrast markings. A rotary center knob allows the user to set a time period by turning the knob clockwise from 1 to 60 minutes. The timer is freestanding, making it easier to find and see in any area of the kitchen. DIMENSIONS (HxDxW): 9 x 2.5 x 7.5 inches. COLORS: White with black markings (model 4

Tactile Timer With Stand

The Tactile Timer with Stand is a large print tactile kitchen timer designed for use by individuals with low vision. Each 5-minute interval is marked with a raised line. Can be mounted on the wall or stand upright with the included detachable base. Has an extra long buzzer sound to alert user when time is up.

Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board

The Time Timer® MOD + Dry Erase Board is designed for individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity-Disorder to increase awareness of time. Time Timer® MOD + Dry Erase Board includes both a Time Timer® MOD in Charcoal and the Time Timer Dry Erase Board. Time Timer® MOD is a 60-minute visual timer that has the style and durability of the Time Timer PLUS in a size that's portable and easy to anywhere use from the office desk to the kitchen counter. The Timer Timer Dry Erase Board is an activity

Time Tracker Mini

The Time Tracker Mini is designed for preschool and elementary school students who have time management challenges as it helps children manage their time during school and home activities. Offers visual and auditory indicators with 2 dials: total alarm time and warning time. The Time Tracker Mini quietly counts down and when time is up, the colored light glows and the alarm sounds. Mute option available to mute sound and use only the light as an indicator. Warning feature signals a few minutes b

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