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Bi-Level Footrest Extender (Series 7033)

The Bi-Level Footrest Extender is designed for use by people who use wheelchairs and who have leg-length discrepancy. The extenders can be selected in a right-left or left-right combination and they feature a vertical centerboard which prevents the feet from crossing over and a padded legrest to prevent the feet from slipping off the footrests. DIMENSIONS: The extenders are available in a choice of 16 or 18 inches wide and with 1- and two-inch pads, 1- and 3-inch pads, 1- and 4-inch pads, 2- and

Custom Adapted Footstool

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted footstool for an adult with cerebral palsy. This individual worked as a disability advocate and often spends most of her eight-hour work day at her desk. She had difficulty with her feet resting on the floor while sitting and would experience swelling and muscle spasms, particularly when she was tired. Commercially available footstools were ill suited. The custom adapted stool was created using lightweight plywood to constr

Custom Footplates

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create custom adapted footplates for an electric wheelchair used by an individual with reduced mobility and strength. When this individual sits in her chair with the footplates at a comfortable height for her, they rubbed on the wheels, particularly when she was turning. Additionally, this individual did not have enough strength in her feet to push the footplates up out of the way when she wanted to get out of the chair. Sometimes a care giver co

Drop-Stop Footrest Extender /legrest Pad(Series 7032)

Drop-Stop is a footrest extender designed to prevent foot drop in people who use wheelchairs. The modular extenders create a platform which enables footrests on footrests and geri chairs to be raised from one to four inches to provide improved positioning, sliding control, and weight distribution. The included padded legrest cushion prevents the user's feet from sliding off the footrests. DIMENSIONS: Available in 16- and 18-inch widths and in a choice of one, two, three, or four inches high.

Dynamic Articulating Footrest

The Dynamic Articulating Footrest is a footrest extender designed for use by people with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury and others who use a manual or power wheelchair. This footrest extender allows for both extension and rotation of the footplates to mimic the motion of the knee joint and leg. It also allows for three different ranges of articulation (knee rotation): 0 degree (linear motion only), 30 degrees and 50 degrees. A shield is used to prevent pinch point

Flat Foot Rest With Heel Straps

One pair of custom size slotted Kydex foot rest plates with mounting hardware and velcro heel straps. Mount to existing wheelchair footplates to increase foot placement area. Slotted for forward and back adjustment on footplate.

Foot Hugger (Models 6351, 6352, 6353, & 6354)

The Foot Hugger is a legrest panel designed to prevent the wheelchair user's feet from sliding off the foot plates. This foam-cushioned panel is covered in wipe-clean vinyl. This unit protects the user's legs and includes an attached extender to raise the height of the foot plates. DIMENSIONS: All models fit 18-inch wide chairs. Model 6351 is one inch high, model 6352 is two inches high, model 6353 is three inches high, and model 6354 is four inches high.

One-Piece Econo Footrest Extender

The One Piece Econo Footrest Extender is an economical device that attaches to a wheelchair footrest for prevention of foot drop and feet from slipping behind the footrest. The raised footrest improves posture and allows for proper seating alignment. The cushioned back protects lower leg against contact with the wheelchair, and the device secures easily with quick-release straps.

Orthocare Slip-On Footrest Extenders (Model 3014)

The Orthocare Slip-On Footrest Extenders ##3014 are designed to eliminate heel slippage and override, and to provide static positioning for spasticity. The extenders are made of vacuum formed ABS (plastic). They have a raised, curved heel section and flat foot section. Padded Velcro straps cross the instep to hold each foot in place. The slip-on mounting adapts to standard footrests. The design allows a vertical fold-up position without interference. Sold in pairs.

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles are orthotic insoles designed for individuals with plantar fasciitis or persons with a weak arch or for adult men and women who just need added support when standing or walking. The insoles use a 4 degree rear wedge which encourages a neutral foot position, preventing excessive pronation. Provides shock absorption. Can trim to ideal height.

Portable Foot Rest

This Portable Foot Rest is designed for individuals who are in danger of DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis. A foot rest may be needed to correct posture. The foot rests extends, is adjustable and folds up to fit in a carry on bag.

Wheelchair Slippers (Models 6480S-M & 6480M-L

Wheelchair Slippers are foot protectors designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. Each of these soft plush, machine-washable slippers feature a strap on the bottom that slides over the wheelchair footplate, securing the slipper to the footplate, protecting the foot and providing a surface for the wearer to push against to stop forward sliding. SIZES: Model 6480S-M fits women's shoe sizes 5 to 10 and men's shoe sizes 5 to 8. Model 6480M-L fits women's shoe sizes 10 and up and men's sh

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