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Adjustable Folding Table (Model 4061)

The Adjustable Folding Table, model 4061, is a height adjustable table designed for individuals who use wheelchairs. Users can either raise or lower the hardwood desktop table to their preferred height with the easel adjustment. And this table, which is latex free, features built-in handles for easy carrying and can be folded flat for convenient storage.

My Place Laptop Table

The My Place Laptop Table is a notebook or laptop computer support and bookholder designed for use by individuals with mobility or upper extremity disabilities. This lightweight work station can be used while seated in a chair or reclining in bed for writing, using a laptop, reading, doing crafts and more. It has fold-out legs, which adjust to set the tabletop at the optimal height. The tabletop has two panels, the angle of which is independently adjustable. The left panel is designed to hold th

Pediatric Adjustable Table.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Table which can be folded against the wall and can be adjusted in height from 18 1/2 to 32 1/2 inches so it can be used by children and adults. Describes hinged table which moves up and down a track on a backboard on the wall. The table can be adjusted by one person. Includes a drawing and photographs. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Rousseau, Y TITLE: Pediatric Adjustable Table JOURNAL: Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy REF: Vol 51 no 3,

Portable Changing Table For Older Children

CUSTOM ADAPTATIONPURPOSE: To provide a changing table for children ages 5 to 9 with incontinence who are too big for a regular changing table. The table base is a rectangular piece of medium-density fiberboard, 145 centimeters (cm) X 75 cm. Four pieces 19 millimeter (mm) plywood, 12 cm high, are attached to the edges of the table base to form a box into which a vinyl covered 70 mm foam mattress is placed. Collapsible legs, 85 cm high, are attached to the bottom of the table base. 10 cm leg exten

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