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Ariadne Gps

Ariadne GPS is an app that meets the needs of the blind in an easy-to-use interface. Talking maps allow users to explore the world around them by moving their finger around the map. While exploring, crossing a street is signaled by vibration. It has a "favorites" feature, and can be used to announce stops on the bus or train. Rotating maps keep users centered, with territory behind the user on the bottom of the screen and what is ahead on the top portion. Available in multiple languages, Ariadne

Recognizing Landforms: An Audio-Tutorial Program In Map Study (Model 1-01110-00)

Recognizing Landforms: An Audio-Tutorial Program in Map Study, model 1-01110-00, is audio map skills training designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision. This audio program uses fun characters on audio cassette tape to introduce 40 map reading skills, such as distinguishing mountains from valleys and channels from bays. The program includes ten brightly colored tactile landforms; six two-track, 1 7/8 ips (inch per second) cassette tapes; and teacher's and program manuals in pr

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