Shower Curtain

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Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain

The Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain provides a functional and aesthetically-pleasing solution for privacy and safety for tub transfer bench users. A tub transfer bench prevents a regular shower curtain from closing around the tub and allows water to be sprayed outside the tub. In the lower portion of the Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain are two vertical slits which allow the curtain to fall down and remain fully inside the tub, keeping the water inside the tub for increased bath

Staydry Shower Curtain System

The StayDry Shower Curtain System is a shower curtain designed for use by individuals with mobility or balance disabilities or seniors. The system creates a reuseable water-tight seal against any shower wall to keep floors dry and reduce slipping risks. The system has a self-adhesive wall channel and a rubber tube. The channel sticks to the shower wall and the tube hangs from the shower rod at one end. The StayDry curtain has special sleeves on either side to hold the tube. The curtain is sealed

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