Wheelchair Mobility Training Track

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Moozi Wheelchair Joystick

Moozi Wheelchair Joystick is designed for individuals with neurological, upper extremity, or severe physical disabilities to operate a power wheelchair with compatible controls or with adaptors. It can control a range of other equipment including a computer mouse and programs. The Moozi can be positioned on a tray or table, using Velcro or a non-slip mat. It has a smooth, light sliding action (190g force). It has a low profile that allows the hand to rest in a natural position. Moozi is also su

Water Scooter For Disabled Children

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Helps children with disabilities play and participate in water recreation. PVC piping, a motor, chair frame and buoys are utilized to make the motorized device. COMMENTS: The Water Scooter is designed to allow children with disabilities participate in water recreation safely and efficiently.

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