Cochlear Implant

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Baha System

The Baha System is a cochlear implant designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The system includes a titanium implant which is surgically implanted in the skull bone behind the ear; a sound processor; and an abutment that connects the sound processor directly to the implant in the bone. Direct (percutaneous) bone conduction may give improved access to sound when compared to traditional bone conductors because sound is not weakened when passing through the skin, muscle and

Cochlear Implant (Model C122M)

The Cochlear Implant, model C122M, is an internal hearing aid consisting of a thin, needle-like electrode array and a receiver/stimulator encased in pliable Silastic. The two components are surgically implanted in the ear. The smooth, flexible, 22-channel electrode array and the receiver/stimulator assist in optimizing fine pitch percepts in the cochlea. The implant is used in conjuction with a speech processor, transmitter and microphone to offer a detailed representation of sound despite extr

Oval Window Portable Info-Loop Induction System With External Clip Mic

The Induction Loop System with External Clip Mic is a communication device designed for those individuals with t-coil hearing aids, cochlear implants and induction loop receivers. This product works best in one-on-one situations, i.e. customer service counters, information booths, meetings, vehicles, and personal use. Includes Alternative Current adapter/charger and choice of omni-directional microphone with 10ft cord OR counter-top microphone. Nominal range is 4-5 feet from the front of the uni

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