Cushioned Rubber Mat

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Pawling Gymtile

Pawling Gymtile is a cushioned rubber mat designed to provide a harmless play surface. It consists of nonskid rubber interlocking floor tiles. It can be cut, and uses no adhesive. The beveled edge and borders provide a finished appearance. Various colors are available. DIMENSIONS: Each tile is 12 x 12 x .37 inches. WEIGHT: 10 pounds.

Safe Guard Playground System

The Safe Guard Playground System is a rubber mat and ground retention grid designed to help eliminate injuries due to falls on playgrounds and to provide an accessible surface for individuals with disabilities. The seamless surface is a blend of rubber granules and polyurethane binder that is poured into place, allowing it to be molded into a variety of shapes and thicknesses. It may be installed over properly prepared hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, wood, tile, or brick, as well as loo

Safeside Fall Mat

The Safeside Fall Mat is a bedside mat that acts as a cushion in case an individual falls from their bed. The mat features a low profile/tapered edge design that allows for easy wheelchair roll-over and lessens the chance of stumbling while climbing into bed. The item can also be folded over once, creating a higher platform to reduce the impact of a fall.

Southpaw Net Mat (Model 0136)

The Net Mat, model 0136, is a therapy mat designed to be used in the Therapy Net (see separate entry) to keep the net open for individuals with a physical disability. The mat includes special fasteners which secure the mat and makes it easier to place the individual in the net. This product helps put the client at easebecause it prevents pinching and frees the arms and chest area. The mat has firm and comfortable foam center with a removeble, washable cover. DIMENSIONS: 26 inches wide x 52 inche

Ultradeck 1 Portable Flooring

UltraDeck 1 Portable Flooring is a modular surface mat that can be used to provides a firm outdoor surface while providing protection for the natural turf underneath. It is designed for wheelchair users and others with lower extremity, mobility or walking disabilities. UltraDeck 1 flooring consists of interlocking tiles that snap together to form a heavy-duty pathway or floor cover for temporary use at special events and in locations such as polling places. The tiles are made of high-impact poly

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