Dishwashing Brush

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OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

The OXO Good GripsĀ® Soap Dispensing Dish Brush is a long handled cleaning brush that individuals with upper or lower extremity disabilities can use to wash dishes. Once it has been filled with liquid dish soap, the OXO Good GripsĀ® Soap Dispensing Dish Brush dispenses a stream of soap with the light push of a button. It has a soft, non-slip handle, so users can either grip it close to the Dish Brush head for extra scrubbing power or hold the back end of the handle for added reach. The OXO Good Gr

Suction Brush

The Suction Brush is an all-purpose brush on a suction base that can be used as a dishwashing brush, a nail brush, oe a denture brush by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. The brush secures to sinks and counters using two attached rubber suction cups. DIMENSIONS (WxD): 4 x 2 inches.

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