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Materials On Utilization Of Low Vision - Diagnostic Kit (Models 8-50600-00 & 8-50590-00)

Materials on Utilization of Low Vision (ULV) - Diagnostic Kit is a visual skills assessment program designed for use by individuals with low vision. This assessment tool can be used to determine if a student's residual vision is being fully utilized. It consists of two kits purchased separately. The Teacher's Kit (model 8-50600-00) includes a Teacher's Guide; a Visual Efficiency Scale and Directions for Administration; a Profile of Visual Skills and Behavior; and a Record of Performance on Visua

Print Point Size Tool

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To provide a means of completing a Learning Media Assessment or of assessing print point size. A printer’s rule is a clear device on which are printed versions of the letter “E” in a variety of type point sizes. The device can be laid over print material being read to determine the point size orsizes being used. TITLE: As a Rule (in Springboard). AUTHOR: Toelle, N. M. JOURNAL: RE:view. Vol 37 no 2, Summer 2005: p. 77. PAGES (including cover): 2 2005.

Visual Scanning Activity for Kids

This Visual Scanning Activity for Kids is designed for childrent to enhance visual scanning skills during functional tasks. The user scans for items during a functional task.

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