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Alphabet Discovery Bottle

The Alphabet Discovery Bottle is an letter recognition sensory bottle designed for children with intellectual difficulties to help them through olfactory sense and proprioception with learning the alphabet, to allow them a calming way to learn the letters of the alphabet. Depending on the size/weight of the bottle this can be a motor activity, movements carried out when the brain, nervous system, and muscles work together.

Baseline Back-Leg-Chest Dynamometer

The Baseline Back-Leg-Chest Dynamometer is designed for clinical use. This device features an oversized solid base for safety and cushioned handgrips. The chain adjusts for height differences or to vary the point of force application. The strength indicator remains at the individual's maximum reading until reset. The scale measures to 660 pounds/300 kilograms.

Baseline Hand Evaluation Set

The Baseline Hand Evaluation Set is a set of a dynamometer, pinch meter, finger circumference gauge, and finger muscle tester designed for clinical use. The set includes a hydraulic hand dynamometer, a 30-pound pinch gauge, steel finger goniometer, two-point discriminator with a third point, a Wartenburg pinwheel, finger circumference gauge, and a functional finger motion gauge.

Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

The Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is designed for clinical use to measure grip strength. The device features an adjustable handle with five positions to accommodate any hand size. The indicator remains at the individual's maximum reading until reset. The device registers up to 200 pounds. A carrying case is included. WARRANTY: Three years.

Baseline Hydraulic Hand Evaluation Set

The Baseline Hydraulic Hand Evaluation Set is a set of a dynamometer, pinch meter, finger circumference gauge, and finger muscle tester designed to evaluate the strength and range of motion of the hands and fingers. The set includes a hydraulic hand dynamometer, a 50-pound pinch gauge, and a stainless steel finger goniometer.

Baseline Hydraulic Pinch Gauge (Models 12-0231 And 12-0233)

The Baseline Hydraulic Pinch Gauge, models 12-0231 and 12-0233, is a pinch meter designed to measure pinch strength. This device is suitable for all pinch tests (tip, key, and palmar) and registers up to 50 pounds. The strength reading can be viewed as pounds or kilograms. Model 12-0231 has a standard gauge and model 12-0233 has a HiRes gauge with a bigger dial and larger numerals. OPTIONS: Carrying case. DIMENSIONS: Gauge diameter is 2.5 inches (12-0231) or 3.5 inches (12-0233). WARRANTY: 1 yea

Baseline Mechanical Pinch Gauge (Models 12-0200, 12-0205, 12-0201, 12-0206, 12-0203, 12-0208, 12-0212, & 12-0207)

The Baseline Mechanical Pinch Gauge is a pinch meter designed to measure the hand strength of individuals with grasping disabilities or hand injury. The meter measures tip, key, and palmer pinch strength in both pounds and kilograms. The maximum reading is 60 pounds (models 12-0200 and 12-0205), 30 pounds (models 12-0201 and 12-0206), 10 pounds (models 12-0203 and 12-0208), or 2 pounds (models 12-0202 and 12-0207). The indicator remains at the maximum reading until reset. The meter comes with or

Baseline Orthopedic And Sports Medicine Pinch Gauge

The Baseline Hydraulic Pinch Gauge is a pinch meter designed to measure pinch strength. Thislightweight anodized aluminum device is suitable for all pinch tests (tip, key, and palmar) and the indicator remains at the individual's maximum reading until reset. Models are available that register up to 30 or 60 pounds. Strength readings are given in pounds and kilograms. A wrist strap and a carrying case are included. COLOR: The 30-pound model is blue and the 60-pound model is red.

Baseline Pinch Gauge (Models 7485 & 7486)

The Baseline Pinch Gauge, model 7485 and 7486 are pinch meters designed to measure the finger strength of individuals with grasping disabilities or hand injury. These precision instrument records isometric lateral, chuck or tip pinch in pounds and kilograms. The red pointer stops at the maximum pinch recorded for the highest degree of accuracy. Model 7485 measures 0 to 60 pounds. Model 7486 measures 0 to 30 pounds. The meters are latex free and come with a carrying case. DMENSIONS: The pinch ja

Device To Measure Pincer Grip

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a therapist to measure the pincer grip of individuals with quadriplegia in order to devise a way to increase muscle tension. The device consists of a very sensitive force transducer, which can measure the skightest of grips, connected to a digital display. The device was made using a small commercial load cell attached to a six millimeter aluminum strip. When the cell was squeezed against the strip, it provided a reading of force in grams on a connected digi


The Eggserciser® is a hand exerciser, ergonomically shaped to give the right type of resistance for hand exercising. It is made of safe non-allergenic polymer that will not crack, leak or melt. It can safely be heated for additional therapy. Comes in different levels of resistance.

Jackson Strength Evaluation System

Measures isometric strength. User stands on a platform and pulls a T- bar attached to a chain on the platform. Monitor has an LCD readout that displays and holds Peak and Average Force in pounds. Includes a 1000 pound strain gauge load cell and a hand dynamometer fixture. Measures strength of grip, arm and back. Use with battery powered voltmeter for millivolt accurate calibration.

Jamar Hand Evaluation Kit (Model 5030 Kit)

The Jamar Hand Evaluation Kit, model 5030 kit, is an evaluation kit designed to provide everything for hand and finger evaluations. The kit includes: (1) Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer - PC 5030 J1; (2) Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Gauge - PC 5030HPG; (3) Jamar 5.5 inch Finger Goiniometer - PC 5050K. The kit comes with a storage and carrying case with individual compartments for each instrument.

Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer (Model 5030J1)

The Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer, model 5030J1, is an instrument designed to measure grip-force strength in pounds and kilograms up to 200 pounds/90 kg. The analog gauge is protected by a shock-resistant rubber protective cap. The handle is made of die-cast aluminum and is adjustable for 5 grip positions to fit most hand sizes. The handle has a wrist strap designed to minimize the change that the instrument will fall upon release. Includes instructions and norms in a carrying/storage case. W

Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer (Model J00105)

Instrument for measuring grip strength. Adjustable handle with 5 grip positions from 1.35 to 3.35 inches. Registers force from 0 to 200 pounds or 0 to 90 kilograms on a dual scale. Dial readout.

Mccarron Assessment Of Neuromuscular Development (Model S104)

The McCarron Assessmnet of Neuromuscular Development (MAND), model S104, is a motor skills evaluation system designed for use by individuals with balance, fine motor, grasping, neurological, or walking disabilies. The system includes a test manual, one package of MAND-VI Score Forms, a hand dynamometer, a stopwatch-timer, a walking line, and other components for measuring fine and gross motor functions. OPTIONS: Tactile Strip for MAND Walking Line (model X132) to enable individuals who are blind

Model Bep I, Ii, Iii, Iv, V, Vii

HPM's Models BEP I, II, III, IV, V, and VII comprise a family of measurement tools designed to test standardized extremity and basic central processing performance measures. Each system consists of menu driven software, an interface unit that provides stimuli, a power supply, and manual. Responses are entered directly into the computer from the interface units. Data is then presented in both raw form and visual format. Data representing standardized reference populations is included. Performance

Myotrace 400

The MyoTrace 400 is an EMG feedback unit designed for use in biofeedback and clicical evaluation of movement, force, and muscle activity. This portable handheld unit operates with two channels in stand alone mode and four channels in PC-mode. A wide variety of compatible plugin sensors can be used to objectively evaluate the functional status of the musculo-skeletal system, including force transducers, goniometers, inclinometers, accelerometers, hand dynamometers and foot switches. Applications

Nicholas Manual Muscle Tester

Compact wireless muscle tester. Battery operated. Provides objective standards against a fixed standard. Determines how much force is exerted by pushing through the manual muscle tester against an immovable object. Load cell design eliminates errors due to non- perpendicular loading within the normal angles of force application. LCD readout, 0-199.9 kilograms. 6 1/4 by 2 1/8 by 3 inches. Weight 21 ounces. Sensitivity: 0.1 kilograms. Automatic shut-off to save battery.

Pinch Gauge

The Pinch Gauge is a pinch meter that measures finger strength. This aluminum gauge is available in models that measure zero to 10 pounds, zero to 30 pounds, or zero to 60 pounds (each sold separately) and features a gauge that reads in pounds or kilograms simultaneously. The gauge needle remains at maximum force after finger pressure is released for easy reading. A safety wrist strap is included. OPTIONS: A plastic storage case is included.

Saehan Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer (Model Sh5001)

The Saehan Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer, model SH5001, is a dynamometer designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or grasping disabilities. The device measures isometric grip force from 0 to 200 pounds. Its die-cast aluminum handle adjusts to five positions to accommodate grip spans from 1.5 to 3.5 inches. A shock resistant rubber cap protects the stainless steel gauge, and a wrist strap helps prevent accidental damage from dropping. The device comes with instructions, norms, and a carr

Simulator Ii

The Simulator II is an assessment and evaluation system designed for use as part of physical therapy of the upper extremity and hands. With measures in both isotonic and isometric modes, this system can replicate most upper extremity functional activities, including lifting, to support the evaluation of strength and functional capabilities. It comes with software with routines for extensive return-to-work assessments including Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs). Using this software, the the

The Original Rolyan Graded Pinchpins For Pinch Exerciser, Model-A196600

The Original Rolyan Graded Pinchpins For Pinch Exerciser are designed to help people with grasping disabilities. They are designed for graded resistive exercise for increasing pinch strength and co-ordination. They are latex free and can be sterilized.


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