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Disc Swing (Model 8Disc)

The Disc Swing, model 8DISC, is a rotational swing designed for use by children with physical and neurological disabilities. This swing consists of a large disc with a padded column in the center. The child sits on the disc with a leg on either side of the column which the child grasps while being swung. The suspension rope is adjustable and the disc is covered in padded non-slip material. The swing may be attached to a screw-in hook fitted in a ceiling joist or the top bar of a swing frame. DIM

Southpaw Biorbital Accelerator (Model 1700)

The Biorbital Accelerator, model 1700, is a rotational swing designed to provide vestibular stimulation through rotational, vertical and orbital motion for persons with physical disabilities. The steel crossbar serves as a teeter-totter which permits an exagerated movement. The main pivot of the crossbar can be moved by shifting the rotational device to one of three positioning eye bolts. This allows the versatility of having two different sized clients use the equipment. The Biorbital Accelerat

Southpaw Flexion Disc (Models 1909,1910 & 1911)

The Flexion Disc, model 1909, is a sensory integration device designed to provide both vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation for individuals with physical disabilities. The individual may sit or lay curled around the disc and the control strap attached to the top or the bottom of the disc can be used to vary the motion of the disc. The disc has a carpeted base with a heavily padded edge and center post. It can be used with the adjustable Vertical Stimulation Device (VSD) (see separate entry)

Southpaw Flexion T-Bar (Models 1919, 1920 & 1921)

The Flexion T-Bar, model 1919, is a sensory integration device designed to challenge flexion patterns for persons with physical disabilities. Individuals can hold on with arms and legs while being pushed or two people can ride at the same time. The T-bar also allows clients to hang beneath and shift from side to side while it is swinging. The T-Bar is heavily padded to cushion the seat and has a control strap to control the movement. The swing can be used with the adjustable Vertical Stimulation

Southpaw Interaction Dual Swing (Model 1630)

The Interaction Dual Swing, model 1630, is a rotational swing designed to encourage interaction and provide stimulation for individuals with a physical disability. It allows clients to practice playing with each other. The swing provides both rotational and orbital stimulation and demands postural adjustment. The Package includes two lines and spreader bar, four leg loops and one Safety Snap. OPTIONS: Also available is the Southpaw Sling Seat, model 1625, which is a six inch sling seat designed

Southpaw Moon Swing (Model 0140)

The Moon Swing, model 0140, is a rotational swing designed with a gooseneck shape to create an easy mount and dismount for indivuals who are physically challenged. There are two pillow inserts which add to the versatility of the swing. The soft, fine, bi-foam pillow insert requires more difficult flexion patterns because the consistency constantly changes. The stiff soft shape pillow insert allows the clients to stand, kneel or do more complicated riding activities. The Moon Swing can also be us

Southpaw Standard Dual Swing And Super Booster Swing (Models 1600 & 1605)

The Standard Dual Swing, model 1600, is designed to provide orbital and rotational movements for individuals who have a physical disability. It can be used in the prone position to work on extension, or sitting to provide vestibular stimulation or work on motor planning skills. When sitting, the swing can be used by one or two people. The swing comes with four leg loops made of soft webbing attached to four poly lines. It fastens at the top with two Safety Snaps (see separate entry) which are in

Southpaw Twirler (Model 1149)

The Twirler, model 1149, is a rotational swing designed to provide axial and vestibular stimulation for individuals with a physical disability. It can also be used to stimulate flexion and extension patterns. The Twirler comes with a built in Safety Rotational Device which allows it to spin freely and can be used with the Vertical Stimulation Device (see separate entry) to add bounce. DIMENSIONS: Height is 36 inches. CAPACITY: Working load is 300 pounds. GUARANTEE: One full year from shippping d

Therapy Net And Adaption Kit (Model 0130 & 0131)

The Therapy Net, model 0130, is a rotational swing designed to provide linear movement and vestibular stimulation for persons with little motor control. The Net is roomy so it is large enough for children and adults and it stretches easily so as to prevent pinching fingers. The net is made of heavy-duty nylon cord, and is suspended from welded steel rings. Also available is the Adaption Kit, model 0131, which allows physically challenged or uncoordinated individuals the opportunity to enjoy the

Variable Axis Swing (Model 4600)

The Variable Axis Swing, model 4600, is a suspended rotational swing designed to provide spatial awareness and vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation through movement. The swing allows movement in all directions included swinging and spinning with the use of the Rotational Device (see separate entry). The seat is comfortably cushioned for positioning from nearly vertical to horizontal. The Swing comes with a strapping system that offers security for gravitationally insecure and low tone clien

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