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The Block-N-Step is a pediatric therapy mat designed to provide pre-walking activities for children. With a velcro-locking system, the mat can also be converted into a square crawling tube. The mat itself consists of four squared blocks. DIMENSIONS: The square blocks are 24 inches wide and 4 inches thick. COLORS: The sqaure blocks are either yellow, red, blue or green.

Donut Rocker

The Donut Rocker is a pediatric crawling tube designed to be used as a rocker to encourage vestibular stimulation for individuals with neurological disabilities (in particular, pertaining to the eighth cranial nerve). With a velcro-locking system that can separate this tube into two halves, the tube can also be utilized as a bridge or a chair designed to enable postural drainage. It is also possible to construct a curved balance beam. DIMENSIONS: If a balance beam is constructed, the tube is (wi

Fun Tunnel Cube (Model W4586)

The Crawl Cube Plus, model W4586, is a large foam shape designed for use with children with physical disabilities. Made of dense poly-foam and covered in vinyl-coated nylon with zipper closure, this cube can be used for crawling and climbing. When the touch fasteners at the corners are released, the cube transforms into a long, straight crawl course of four flat-topped mounds. Two or more units can also be connected for a variety of movement activities. DIMENSIONS (WxHxL): In the cube formation,

Play Barrel (Model W8571)

The Play Barrel, model W8571, is a crawling tube designed for use with children with mobility or neurological disabilities. Made of durable, washable polyethylene, this barrel has openings at both ends to encourage crawling, and it can be used for rolling and therapeutic play. DIMENSIONS: 23 inches in diameter x 31 inches high.

Pull Tunnel (Model 1314)

Child pull tunnel or crawling tube. Crawl, or pull through while lying on back. Support posts and frame assembly arches constructed of galvanized pipe. Horizontal slide width 18 inches. Siderails curved at ends. Weight 151 pounds. Ground space 30 inches by 8 feet.

Southpaw T-Tunnel (Model 3960)

The T-Tunnel, model 3960, is a crawling tube designed to develop motor planning and spatial orientation for individuals with a physical disability. While crawling through the tunnel the client develops body schema and awareness of the body in respect to space as well as left and right discrimination. The tunnel is made of breathable fabric which is "see through" and the support wires are covered with flexible tubing to prevent scraping and bruising as the clients crawl. Spreader bars help to kee

Wiggle Worm Crawl

The Wiggle Worm Crawl is an outdoor crawling tube designed for use by children ages two through five with physical and neurological disabilities. Constructed of molded polyethylene segments, the tunnel has an undlating profile which provides a sliding sensation as children crawl up and down the gently raised midsection. Small windows provide light and ventilation and aid in supervision. OPTIONS: A smiling worm head is available. COLOR: Seven standard two-color combinations are available. Custom

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