Pedestrian Signal Control Switch

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Berlin Button

The Berlin Button is a pedestrian signal control switch designed for use by individuals who are blind, deaf blind, or who have low vision or mobility disabilities. The button can be fitted to all traffic lights, including retrofits. The button has a large surface and is touch sensitive. Available features include extension of the green phase for pedestrians with mobility disabilities; audible signals for visually impaired pedestrians; tactile signaling through a vibration module for pedestrians

Bumblebee Pedestrian Buttons (Models D-001-100, D-002-100, D-003-100, D-004-100, 453-1690, & 453-0400)

BumbleBee Pedestrian Buttons are pedestrian signal control switches designed for use as crosswalk control switches by pedestrians with physical disabilities or low vision. These switches are large and easy to push, with high visual contrast between the button and its mount. These switches operate through magnetic actuation, and have no sensitive electronics, no mechanical parts to wear out, and no exposed parts to ice up. They are self-powered and do not depend on controller input or other devic

Campbell Ada Compliant Pedestrian Push Buttons (Models 200, 400, 500, 800, 900, 4 Evr 120, 1371-412, & 4960-412)

Campbell ADA Compliant Pedestrian Push Buttons are audible pedestrian control switches designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Controls include a large round button in a round or rectangular mounting plate of stainless steel, aluminum, or PVC plastic. An audible tone and LED visual signal are momentarily activated when the button is pressed. Available switches include pressure sensitive solid state (model 4 EVR 120), typical movement solid state (model 700, 800, and 900

Enlightened Pedestrian Pushbutton Crosswalk Signal

The Enlightened Pedestrian Pushbutton Crosswalk Signal is a pedestrian signal control switch designed for use in crosswalks with signals that change by pedestrian request. The system includes a Superbrite LED that lights when the user presses the system's pedestrian push button to request a crosswalk signal. By lighting when the pedestrian presses the button to place a crossing request, then going off when the walk cycle is initiated, the Superbrite LED provides important information to the user

Pedestrian Push Button

The Pedestrian Push Button is a pedestrian signal control switch designed to be used at pedestrian crossings and other locations by individuals with fine motor disabilities or low vision. This solid-state Piezo switch is protected against moisture and has a rated life in the tens of millions of activations (20 million minimum). The buttonswitch cannot get jammed or stuck in the "on" position. It has a polycarbonate outer body surrounding the button, and a button cap made of polycarbonate or stai

The Bulldog

The BullDog is a pedestrian signal control switch designed for individuals with arthritis or neuromuscular disabilities, or who are blind or have low vision. It is a pressure-activated, non-moving switch designed so that it cannot be jammed, cannot be super-glued shut, or made to stick in the "on" position. It is resistant to flame and ice, and it can withstand severe impacts from baseball bats, hockey sticks, skateboards, and hammers. When it is pressed it provides both a two- tone audible bee

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