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Kiss (Keep It Simple) Simulator (Model Sm01)

The KISS (Keep It Simple) Simulator, model SM01, is a chrome steel frame seating evaluation system. It has adjustable seat depth, back height, back-to-seat angle, and tilt-in-space. The simulator folds for transportation. Removeable frames hold bags filled with plastic pellets for molding. Can be replaced with flat seat and back. OPTIONS: Accessories available include dual-head vacuum pump for molding (Model TL30, $700), adapter to mount unit on Arrow XT power wheelchair base, legrests, and Mag

Mechanical Shape Sensor (Mss)

Seating simulator for persons needing a custom contoured seat cushion. Mechanical shape sensor measures resistance to weight at 100 separate points across the seat surface. Independent sensors at each point record the depth of contour. Readings are imprinted on paper in a simple dot pattern, which can be mailed or faxed to the manufacturer. The dot pattern is then electronically scanned and digitized to recreate a three dimensional picture which is used for carving a customized foam cushion.

Reflection Planar Simulator (Model Pss-98)

The Reflection Planar Simulator, model PSS-98, is a seating simulator designed for use in evaluating planar seating and positioning options for individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This simulator can be used for evaluation of seated posture, evaluation of function, education of best posture, and documentation of optimal posture. The system is mounted on a reinforced Luv-Base, and includes three pairs of lateral pads and mounting brackets; one pair of a


Seating simulator for evaluation of persons needing a custom seating system. Can be used to help determine functional seating for modular, molded or mixed systems. Seat to back angle, seat tilt, depth and width of seat, back height, footrests, legrests and armrests can be positioned and corrected as needed to achieve optimal position. .

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