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Bye-Bye Decubiti Mattress Overlay

The Bye-Bye Decubiti Mattress Overlay is an air flotation mattress surface designed to aid in the prevention of pressure sores. The overlay is made of heavy gauge natural rubber, and consists of five mouth inflatable sections held together in a pocketed cover of fleece and velour. The overlay is available in two models to fit standard hospital size beds. The segmental construction permits varying the amount of air in each section. The overlay is used over the regular mattress. It may be folded z

Firststep Select

The FirstStep Select is an air flotation mattress surface designed to provide pressure relief to individuals with skin breakdown . This product can be used as an overlay or as a mattress replacement system. The FirstStep Select features convenient height and weight presets for patient placement, easy-to-use controls, three-section pressure adjustment, and rapid deflation for cardio- pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This product is indicated for the prevention of skin breakdown, in the treatment o

Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump And Pad System (Models 14001, 14001Ef, & 14002)

The Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System is an alternating air pressure mattress surface designed for use by individuals who are at risk for pressure sores/ulcers. The variable pressure pump produces an air flow of eight liters per minute. It is available with a pad with end flaps (model 14001EF) or without end flaps (model 14001). OPTIONS: Fixed pressure pump and pad, model 14002; replacement pumps and pads; filter; clear or beige tubing; and a basket for alternating pressure pump.

Premium Guard Deluxe Static Air Mattress Overlay (Model 14425)

The Premium Guard Deluxe Static Air Mattress Overlay, model 14425, is an air flotation mattress surface designed for use by individuals at risk for pressure sores/decubitis ulcers. Four heavy-duty, elastic bed straps prevent the overlay from moving. OPTIONS: Manual pump (model 14426) or electric pump (model 14427). DIMENSIONS: 3 x 72 x 35 inches. WEIGHT: 6 pounds.

Professional Flotation Bed Pad (Models 6100, 6200, 6300, 6301, 6302, & 6303)

The Professional Flotation Bed Pad series are polymer mattress surfaces. These products are made of AKTON, a viscoelastic polymer, covered with a soft elastic film. The material is rubber- like which acts like a fluid but does not flow. It is washable and repairable. Available with a washable knit cover with a zipper closure (model 6200). DIMENSIONS: 17 x 27 x 7/8 inches to 35 x 80 inches. All products are available in custom sizes and shapes. WEIGHT: Approximately 38 pounds.

Sof-Care Bed Cushion, Bed Cushion Plus, & Chair Cushion

Air flotation mattress surface. 300 individual air cell design allows air to transfer through interconnecting channels, redistributing patient weight over entire cushion. Corner straps for stability. Bed cushion: 33 1/2 inches by 75 1/4 inches. Sof-Care Chair Cushion, 18 inches by 17 inches. Cotton/poly terry cover. Velcro closure. Options: Inflator, 4 inches diameter by 13 inches long, 3 pounds. Inflation Adapter can be used in conjunction with bicycle pump. Warranty available.

Tendercloud Static Air Mattress Overlay (Model Aqtc8035)

The Tendercloud Static Mattress Overlay, model AQTC8035, is an air flotation mattress surface to help prevent or relieve pressure sores. It has 240 flotation cells and chambers that self-adjust for pressure reduction. It attaches to standard mattress with heavy duty straps and is double-sealed with heavy gauge vinyl to prevent air loss. DIMENSIONS (WxL): 36 x 75 inches. CAPACITY: 300 pounds. WARRANTY: 90 day limited warranty.

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