Extension Contracture Splint

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Dynasplint Lps Unit

The DynaSplint LPS Unit is an extension or flexion contracture splint designed to allow joint movement during use. The brace uses low intensity force over a prolonged period of time to relieve shortened connective tissue of elbows, knees, wrists, ankles, and hips. The unit consists of stainless steel rods containing steel compression springs with hinged joints, and 2 cuffs with velcro closures attached to the top and bottom of the rods. The splint will fit on either right or left extremities.

Dynasplint Pediatric Units

The DynaSplint Pediatric Units are extension or flexion contracture splints designed to increase joint motion and reduct contracture of the knee, elbow, wrist, or ankle. The brace consists of stainless steel with a velcro-adjustable front and back cuffs. Spring tension force is adjustable from 0 to 1.66 foot pounds (4 pounds of force at the distal end of the unit). Force is controllable with a screw adjustment inside the distal ends of the lower leg or forearm struts. SIZE: The unit will fits ar


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