Vegetable Brush

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Vegetable Brush (Model Sw3235)

The Vegetable Brush, model SW3235, is designed for use by individuals with arthritis, use of only one hand, or other upper extremity disabilities.This brush features two suction cups on the base to secure it to counters or other smooth surfaces. It is also designed for comfortable gripping while holding. The brush is equipped with stiff nylon bristles for scrubbling potatoes, vegetables, and fruit. Two prongs at one end of the brush can be used to remove eyes and other bad spots. The other end i

Vegetable Scrubber (Model 16K035)

The Vegetable Scrubber, model 16K035, is a vegetable brush designed for use by individuals with arthritis or other grasping disabilities. The scrub brush has suction cups underneath that can be mounted on a kitchen counter or inside a sink to hold the scrubber in place during use.

Parent Category: Kitchen Tools General

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