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Acupoint Headpointer (Model 5801)

The AcuPoint Headpointer, model 5801, is a headwand designed for use by individuals with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury (SCI), brain injury, or upper extremity disabilities. The headpiece has an adjustable elastic strap of strong, lightweight graphite/glass composite lined with anti-bacterial treated foam for comfortable, sanitary use. The telescoping pointer is graphite with a small, flexible rubber tip.

Adjustable Head Pointer (Model 6001)

The Adjustable Head Pointer, model 6001 is a headwand designed for use by individuals with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury (SCI), brain injury, or upper extremity disabilities. The Adjustable Head Pointer is an aluminum pointer that projects from above the forehead. Size and shape of the frame, as well as the length and angle of the pointing rod are adjustable. The elastic head band and chin strap attach with hook-and-loop material.

Adjustable Headstick / Pointer (Model H71830)

The Adjustable Headstick/Pointer, model H71830, is a headwand designed to assist nonvocal individuals with communication. The device may also be used as an actuator for switches or controls. The device consists of plastic bands adjustable to the size of the user's head and reinforced with metal hardware, and topped with the aluminum pointer rod. The headband features padding at the forehead for comfort. The rod is length and angle adjustable in any direction and has a pencil holder at the tip. D


BioMuse is a cursor control interface designed for use by individuals with severe physical or neurological disabilites or spinal cord or brain injury. This bioelectric signal controller is a rack-mountable package that enables users to control computer functions directly from muscle or eye movement or brainwave signals, bypassing standard input hardware, such as a keyboard or mouse. This device receives data from four main sources of electrical activity in the human body: muscles (EMG signals),

Clear-View Head Pointer (Model 6000)

The Clear-View Head Pointer, model 6000, is a head pointer designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, upper extremity disabilities, or severe physical disabilities. The Clear-View Head Pointer projects out at jaw level, not at forehead level. Having the pointer extend out from jaw level places the pointer in closer proximity to the object being selected, requires minimal head movement, and does not interrupt the user's field of vision during use. The lightweight aluminum yoke can b

Computer Interface For Optical Headpointer.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Optical headpointer and photodetector circuit designed to be immune to false triggering. Describes a photodetector circuit tuned to respond only to light pulsed at 90 Hertz (from a headpointer beam), ignoring shifts in ambient light level and room lighting. Circuit output feeds directly into a computer. Includes circuit diagrams for a lamp driver and a photodetector. COMMENTS: For further information contact: G L Heseltine, Science Unlimited Research F

Customized Headpointer

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with cerebral palsy to use a headwand to operate a computer without interfering with her hearing aid. Her existing commercially-available headpointer was made of rigid plastic and could not be modified. A metal headpointer was attached to a soft leather flyer's helmet which protected the hearing aid. Perforated inserts were added to the helmet over the ears, enabling the user to use the headpointer and the hearing aid simultaneously. TITLE: Cu

H-86: Capacitive Headpointer

The H-86: Capacitive HeadPointer is a headwand and stylus for tablet computer and touchscreen designed for use by individuals with grasping or upper extremity disabilities, spinal cord injury, or severe physical disabilities. This product is a combination of a capacitive mouthstick and a headpointer, allowing people with limited or no use of their hands to use an iPad and other tablet devices that have a capacitive touchscreen. The fit of the H-86 headpointer is adjustable with a "dial." The mou

Head Mounted Laser Pointer

The Laser Pointer (Head Mounted) is designed for users with speech and mobility impairments, and users with limited movement as a way for them to communicate. The device works by enabling a person with limited movement to directly point to letters, words, and phrases on a communication board.

Head Pointer

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with spinal cord injury to perform a variety of tasks. The headpiece for this pointer is adapted from a safety helmet liner and is adjustable to fit a variety of head sizes. The device features additional padding at the forehead for comfort and an adjustable chin strap. The aluminum pointer can be fitted with an end clamp to hold a variety of attachments for different tasks. DIMENSIONS: The pointer is 360 millimeters long. TITLE: Tried and Teste

Head Pointer (Models 32370 & 32371)

The Head Pointer is a headwand designed for use by people with physical disabilities. Two fully-adjustable models are available which consist of a head harness, chin strap, and pointer designed to hold its position once it is adjusted. SIZE: Model 32370 is an adult size and Model 32371 fits children. WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants these products against defects in workmanship and materials for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Head Pointer.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Custom made head pointer for children. Detailed instructions are provided for fabricating an adjustable head pointer using thermoplastics. It requires approximately an hour of time plus materials. Includes photographs. SKILLS REQUIRED: Assembly. Plastics. AUTHOR:Jewell, Kaaren. TITLE: A Custom-Made Head Pointer for Children. REF: Journal article: The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, July 1989, Vol 43, No 7, pp 456-460. 1989.

Head Pointers (Models Ad-1, Ad-2, & Ad-3)

The Head Pointers use the chin rather than the forehead as a point of reference for the pointer. They have a soft tip for use with tablet computers, smart phones or other touchscreen devices. The Standard Pointer (model AD-1) may be individually fitted to head sizes ranging from 20 to 25 inches in circumference. The "Tiny Tot" (AD-2) can fit head circumferences from 17 to 20 inches. Model AD-3 has a hook-and-loop closure. DIMENSIONS: 10 inches long. WEIGHT: 8 ounces.

Head Stick

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with severe physical disabilities to operate a computer, dial a phone, turn pages, and perform other tasks. This device was constructed using a cut down bicycle helmet. An additional band of rubber was installed to provide comfort and achieve proper fit. The pointer is a firm quarter-inch rubber-tipped metal rod rigidly attached to the side of the helmet and angled so the pointer tip is central to the user's eyesight. The rod is necessar

Light Beam Indicator

Light Beam Indicator is a head-mounted pointing system using both a pointing rod and an adjustable padded nylon headset with a light pointer. The rod, which attaches to the nylon headset, projects out over the forehead and downward. The light pointer is positioned over the forehead and projects a concentrated light beam. Contact manufacturer for information on system options. POWER: Three "C" batteries. DIMENSIONS: 22 inches long. WEIGHT: 11.5 ounces.

Light Beam Indicator (Model 1)

Light beam indicator for an alternative pointing method. For individuals with limited neck, trunk mobility or positioning control. On/off switch, rechargeable power pack.

Light Beam Indicator (Model 2)

Lightweight flexible plastic headwand with washable forehead felt pad, cushioned chin strap and Velcro elastic band closure. Focused light beam indicator is mounted over forehead. Provides alternative pointing method for individuals with limited neck, trunk mobility or control when used with positioning. Weight 3.5 ounces. Light beam indicator has on, off switch adaptable to individual needs. Rechargeable power pack.

Light Pointer

The Light Pointer is an optical pointer designed for use by individuals with physical disabilities. This device projects a spot of light and is designed to be mounted on the user's head and pointed toward objects. The Light Pointer can also be used to activate the Light Activated Switch (see separate entry from this manufacturer).

Light Pointer With Headstick (Model Ii)

Model II Light Pointer with Headstick is a head-mounted pointing system using both a pointing rod and a light beam. An adjustable padded nylon headset holds the mountings for both the rod and the light pointer. The rod projects out over the forehead and downward. The light pointer is positioned over the forehead and projects a concentrated light beam. The light beam is visible under normal room lighting. POWER: Three "C" batteries. DIMENSIONS: 22 inches long. WEIGHT: 11.5 ounces.

Model Iii Headstick

Model III Headstick is a head-mounted rod that can be used for pointing or typing. Adjustable padded nylon headgear hold a set of brackets into which the rod is clamped. When worn, the rod projects out over the user' s forehead and down in front of the face. An adjustable chin strap is available. A version of this headstick equipped with a light pointer is also available (the Model II). DIMENSIONS: 23 inches long. WEIGHT: 3.5 ounces.

Pointer Gripper

Head mounted pointer that has a switch operated gripper on the end. Jaws of gripper release object when switch is opened. The activating switch can be selected according to the capabilities of the user. Mounted on headband, pointer with jaws on end is approximately 10 inches long.


Optical pointer produces a focused red target pattern on a wall or any object within three feet of the user. Consists of pointer assembly 3 1/ 2 inches long and 5/8 inch in diameter, elastic handband for mounting the light, and battery pack and cable. Weighs less than a single AA battery. Operates for over 200 hours on two C alkaline cells. Mounts on a cap or on a pair of glasses. PVC construction with solid state optical element.

Safe-Laser System (Model Sls-100)

The Safe-laser System, model SLS-100, is an optical pointer and keyboard designed for use by individuals with severe physical or neurological disabilities, stroke, or spinal cord injury. The system includes the Safe-laser Keyboard, the uPoint safe-laser, a headband for wearing the laser, USB and audio cables, configuration software, and a charger. The specialized keyboard enables a person to access a computer through head movement when the laser is worn on the head. The laser can also allow the

Vacuum Wand

The Vacuum Wand is a mouthstick designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities, spinal cord injury, and severe physical disabilities. Made of aluminum and plastic, this device is designed for turning book or magazine pages. Features include a suction cup tip and two interchangeable ends that can be cut to the desired length. DIMENSIONS: The shaft is 18 inches long.

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