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Stand with Bookholder

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Hold It, The

The Hold It is an adjustable bookholder, notebook/laptop computer support, and writing board designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities or arthritis. Infinitely adjustable, the unit enables hands-free reading while sitting in a chair or lying in bed. It can also be used ad a writing board or stand or computer support while sitting, lying down, or standing. Made from high-quality lightweight aluminum, steel, and durable plastics, the unit accomodates almost any

Lil' Desk Mate

The Lil' Desk Mate is a height adjustable tilt desk designed for use by individuals with physical disabilities. This height-adjustable desk features a wide T-shaped base with locking casters and a two-section table top. The desk adjusts for right or left hand use. The smaller section of the table is fixed in a flat position, while the other can be used flat or tilted to support laptop computers, books, or papers. The Lil' Desk Mate's base can roll under most sofas, chairs or beds to position the

Prop-It Speech Therapists' Travel Kit

The Prop-It Speech Therapists' Travel Kit is a speech therapy kit containing a stand with bookholder and other items useful for assessment and training of individuals with speech disabilities. A collapsible plastic stand supports cards, mirrors, and magnetic boards. The stand has a ledge for holding papers and books, an adjustable band to keep books open, and adjustable supports to hold tall papers and books. The kit also includes a non-breakable mirror, a steel magnetic board with a dry erase w

Reading Stand

The Reading Stand is a stand with a book holder designed to enable a user to read or draw while keeping a straight posture. The wooden stand consists of a 3/8-inch plywood working surface supported by a frame made of pine. The book holder is a metal L-shaped section fixed to the bottom of the board to support books, large print or Braille materials, or artwork. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by John Duffus for persons who must keep a straight posture, and for persons who cannot support reading

Shafer Reading Stand (Model 1-03230-00)

The Shafer Reading Stand, model 1-03230-00, is a bookholder designed for use by individuals with low vision or physical disabilities. This adjustable, self-supporting stand can hold reading material at different heights and angles. It can be used while sitting or standing by individuals who have difficulty holding a book because of physical disabilities, or by individuals with low vision who benefit from having reading material held at certain angles or distances. This readings stand has a tripo

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