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Denture Brush with Suction Base

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Denture Brush In Holder (Model F74153)

The Denture Brush in Holder, model F74153, is designed for one-handed cleaning of dentures. The device consists of a plastic base mounted on two suction holders, with a two-sided denture brush set in it vertically. DIMENSIONS: Base is 4 x 2.25 inches.

Suction Brush

The Suction Brush is an all-purpose brush on a suction base that can be used as a dishwashing brush, a nail brush, oe a denture brush by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. The brush secures to sinks and counters using two attached rubber suction cups. DIMENSIONS (WxD): 4 x 2 inches.

Suction Denture Brush

The Suction Denture Brush is a denture brush with suction base designed for use by individuals with use of only one hand. This two-sided brush has firm bristles and an extra-large suction cup base to adhere to smooth flat and contoured surfaces. Molded from high-impact styrene, it contains no latex.

Suction Denture Brush (Model Nc28333)

The Suction Denture Brush, model NC28333, is a denture brush with a suction base designed for use by people with limited manual dexterity or use of only one hand. The brush features a styrene base with two rubber suction feet that secure to most surfaces and firm bristles.

Vac U Brush

The Vac U Brush is an oral hygiene aid designed for use by individuals with severe physical disabilities. This toothbrush offers intermittent or continuous suction control and features pull-apart construction for cleanup. The unit has 612 Tynex bristles, tenite propionate material, and a reusable brush.

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