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Switch Adapted Appliance

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Adapted Wireless Appliance Control

Adapted Wireless Appliance Control is designed for individuals with limited upper extremity coordination and strength as a result of cerebral palsy or stroke.  It works up to 100 feet indoors or out. Plug the receiver into a grounded outlet. Then, plug an electrical appliance such as a blender into the receiver. You can either press the button on the transmitter directly to activate the device/appliance, or you can connect an ability switch (not included) to the transmitter to complete the opera

Mini Fan

The Mini Fan is a switch adapted appliance designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This small one-speed fan is equipped with a 1/8th-inch jack to enable single-switch operation (switch not included). This fan can also be use in training new switch users in cause-and-effect. POWER: Uses batteries.

Tape Recorder (Model 390, 390-8)

The Tape Recorder is an adapted cassette tape recorder designed to be operated by a switch for individuals with physical disabilities. It is ideal for voice or music and can be used with or without an external switch. POWER: The AC line cord has been removed for safety reasons so it can only be used with batteries.

Television (Model 452)

The Television is designed to be switch adaptable for individuals with physical disabilities. It is designed to safely interrupt the power supply so that the user does not have to use batteries. However, if portability is desired, the TV will operate from internal batteries. If no switch is added, the set will play like an unadapted set. When it is adapted with a switch, added circuitry allows the TV to stay on or off each time the switch is activated.


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