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Joystick Holder

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Armrest Mounting Bracket (Model 3395)

Used in ocnjunction with a standard hand-control clamp for mounting a Model 3185 joystick for hand operation. Consists of a 1/2 inch diamter stainless steel mounting rod fitted to a 3/4 inch diamter mounting shaft to permit a wide range of joystick positioning.

Bib Kit (Model 3390)

Used for mounting a Model 3185 joystick for chin operation. The bib uses velcro straps to secure the bib around the neck and rib cage, and incorporates adjustable mounting harware to permit a wide range of joystick positioning.

Firm Grip Joystick Holder

The Firm Grip Joystick Holder was designed to allow easy use of the joystick for persons with limited or no use of one hand. Two straps hold the joystick in place, while four suction cups on the bottom of the device secure it to a flat surface in front of the computer. An optional plexiglass undersheet ($20.00) provides a workspace and assures a good hold for the suction cups. DIMENSIONS: 6 x 5 inches. WEIGHT: Less than 1 pound.

Midline Control Bracket

Swingaway mounting bracket for power wheelchair control box. Uses existing control box clamp for mounting to armrest. Aluminum. Round or flat bar stock.

Quad-Link Retractable Mount.

The Tarsys Quad-Link Retractable Mount is a joystick holder designed to provide wheelchair users with broader access to tables and desks. This link system allows the user to independently retract and move the joystick nine inches back from its normal driving system. It is also designed to maintain correct joystick orientation to allow the user to maneuver the wheelchair with the joystick in a fully retracted position. The link system is adjustable in order to accomodate the strength and ability


The Reacher/Grabber is designed for people with fine motors, upper extremity, and grasping disabilities. The reacher is simply operated by a flex of the wrist so no need for finger function or an ability to give a firm squeeze. The device is adjustable to your measurements (no “one-size fits no-one”) and is available in left or right hand variations.

Reid PikStik TelescoPik Reacher, Model T3044

Reid PikStik TelescoPik Reacher is designer for people with fine motors, upper extremity, and grasping disabilities. It comes with a turn of the locking collar on the shaft. It intended to be durable, safe, and lightweight that makes it an aid to reach objects. It has an adjustable length from 30 inches to 44 inches that adapts to the need of the user. 

Swingaway Joystick Bracket

The Swing-Away Joystick Bracket is a joystick holder designed for midline and other special positioning needs. The bracket swings out of the way when transferring or pulling up to a table or desk. Five styles are available. The pull-pin release styles use the Miller's Swing Away Mounting Block (see separate entry). The push button styles operate with just a light to medium touch when strength or hand function is limited.

Swingaway Mounting Kit (Model 3205-2)

Unsed for mid-line mounting of a hand oeprated joystick. this mounting kit may also be used for mid-line mounting of other devices if the device accepts a 1/4-20 threaded bolt for attachment. Consists of a 1/2 inch diameter stainless steel mounting rod fitted to a 3/4 inch vertical shaft and a swingaway strap clamp for attachment to a standard 7/8 inch diamter armrest frame. A rod clamp is also included for mounting those joysticks which are not furnished with a rod clamp. permits the joystick t

Tash Sip 'n' Puff Adaptor (Model 32676), 1555 Adaptor (Model 32677), Joystick Adaptor (Model 32678), Mk2 Adaptor (Model 32679), & Adaptor Clamp Bushing (Model 32687)

Adaptor Clamps are switch mounting hardware designed to secure controls to wheelchairs. All models are made of steel and coated with black baked epoxy. The TASH/Sip-N-Puff Adaptor, Model 32676, is designed to hold the TASH joystick and other controls. The unit is equipped with a metal loop which allows the electrical cord to be slipped through without removing the end plug. Model 32677, the 1555 Adaptor, is a clamp designed to hold the Invacare 1555 remote joystick by utilizing existing joystick


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