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Communication Initiation Device

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Quick Start Communication Kit

Quick Start Communication Kit is designed for assistive technology trainers and speech language pathologists working with children and adults with communication disorders associated with cerebral palsy, stroke, and autism.  The kit includes the following:

Social Skills Game Combo Pack

Social skills game combo pack is a game designed to teach social skills, facial expression, and interpretation for use by children three years old with autism or any disability that affects a child's social skills or social interpretation. The combo pack includes the "Guess How I Feel" and "Social (e)motion" games. Intended for social skill development and to teach turn taking, emotional expression, life skills. Has a reward system to encourage players. Appropriate for use during Speech and lang

Teaching Conversation To Children With Autism, Script And Script Fading

Teaching Conversation to Children With Autism, Script and Script Fading is designed for children with autism or anyone with communication disabilities to teach those individuals how to initiate and sustain conversations using scripting. This proven method or technique works well with ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis, behavior programs, or with a Speech and Language Pathologist. It can be an audiotape or a written word or phrase that prompts the child through a conversation. Next learn to slowly

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