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Aralon Stockinette Dispenser (Model 79100)

The Aralon Stockinette Dispenser (25 yd. roll), model 79100, is a prosthetic aid designed to provide superior impact quality, fatigue resistance and thermal stability with little change in dimension over normal temperature changes. Constructed from Kevlar, this stockinette is designed to be 2 and a half times superior in ratio of fiber strength to weight as compared to fiberglass. Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 inch widths, this product is compatible with both polyester and epoxy.

Cotton Stockinette Dispenser (Model 79300)

The Cotton Stockinette Dispenser, model 79300, is a prosthetic aid made from 100% natural long staple length cotton with special rib knit designed for maximum stretch. Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch widths.

Multi-Size Nylon Stockinette Dispenser Model 79200

The Muti-Size Nylon Stockinette Dispenser, model 79200, is a prosthetic aid ideal for use as a final layer of fabricating and for vacumn forming of orthotic devices. Designed with a nonrun construction and optimal smooth finish, this stockinette accommodates circumferences from approximately 6 to 22 inches. It is also made for rapid size changes without fear of folds or creases. It is constructed of white jersey knit 100 percent cotton. Available in 3 and 4 inch widths.

Nylon Stockinette Dispenser (Model 79400)

The Nylon Stockintte Dispenser, model 79400, is a prosthetic aid designed with a fine gauge, 100 percent virgin nylon for performance elasticity and a smooth finish. Available in 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 inch widths.

Rolyan Cotton / Polyester Stockinette

The rolyan Cotton/Polyester Stockinette is designed for lining splints or casts to prevent pressure sores. Made of one hundred percent cotton, this tubular stockinette is densely knit and stretches up to three times its original size for confortability. DIMENSIONS: Available in 2 inches x 25 yards, 1 inch x 25 yards, or 3 inches x 25 yards.

Rolyan Cotton/polyester Stockinette (Models A660225, A660325, & A660425)

The Rolyan Cotton/Polyester Stockinette is a cotton/polyester blend fabric designed for use underneath casts, splints, and prostheses. Smooth and soft, the stockinette has a moderate stretch for comfort without constriction. This product comes in a guaranteed seamless roll. DIMENSIONS: Model A660225 is 2 x 25 yards (5.1cm), model A660325 is 3 x 25 yards (7.6cm), and model A660425 is 4 x 25 yards(10.2cm) COLOR: Neutral.

Rolyan Polypropylene Stockinette (Models A4342, A4343, & A4344)

The Rolyan Polypropylene Stockinette is an orthosis liner designed for use under splints and casts to reduce the risk of skin maceration. The stockinette is made from polypropylene material. DIMENSIONS (WxL): Model A434-2 is 2 inches x 11 yards; model A434-3 is 3 inches x 11 yards; and model A434-4 is 4 inches x 11 yards.

Rolyan Stockinette Splint Liner

The Rolyan Stockinette Splint Liner is designed for use with thumb spica splints. Machine washable and dryer safe, this cotton/polyester liner covers the thumb and can be trimmed along the seams for a custom fit. SIZES: One size fits most. DIMENSIONS: 3 x 13 inches.

Tubipad Stockinette

Tubipad Stockinette is stockinette designed for lining splints to prevent pressure siores. This product features a foam strip laminated to elastic stockinette and provides comfort for individuals who are sensitive to heat. DIMENSIONS: Available in rolls of 2.5 inches in diameter x 13 feet long, 3 inches in diameter x 13 feet long, or 4 inches in diameter x 13 feet long.

Tubular Orthopedic Stockinette

Tubular Orthopedic Stockinette is designed for use in a variety of orthopedic applications. This soft stockinette is made of dense-knit tubular cotton fabric that stretches up to three times its original width while providing support and protection. DIMENSIONS (DxL): Available in 2 inches x 25 yards, 3 inches x 25 yards, 4 inches x 25 yards, or 6 inches x 25 yards.

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