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Toe Cast Sock

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Cozy Toe Cover

The Cozy Toe Cover is a toe cast sock designed for use by individuals wearing leg or walking casts. Made of polar fleece to protect toes from the elements and keep them warm, this semi-sock fits snugly and comfortably over casts, wraps, or boots. COLORS: Black, cobblestone, moss green, grape ape, peek-a-blue, orange fuzz, or tickled pink.

Toe Cozy.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Toe cozy to keep toes warm when wearing a walking cast or other leg cast. Semi-sock made of a soft warm fabric with rib knit edging and an elastic strap that goes around the heel to hold it on. Includes pattern and photograph. SKILLS REQUIRED: Sewing. AUTHOR: Kernaleguen, A TITLE: Clothing Designs for the Handicapped REF: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: University of Alberta Press: p 232 NARIC CALL NUMBER: R0866 PAGES (including cover): 2 1978.

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