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Pressure Relief Aid

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SISSEL Sit Ring with Cover

The SISSEL Sit Ring with Cover is a sitting aid designed to help patients suffering from hemorrhoids, post-surgery effects or who are following childbirth experience pressure-free sitting. This product is lightweight and portable and can be used in any environment, and can be used for local pressure relief. The SISSEL Sit Ring with Cover can be used when suffering from obstructed sitting especially after surgeries of the perineum, anal lesions, hemorrhoids, or during or after pregnancy. It is ma

Web-Belt Loop For Relief Of Pressure On Buttocks.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Fabric loop to help a quadriplegic with some use of biceps or shoulder adductors relieve sitting pressure while in wheelchair in order to prevent decubitus ulcers. McCormick Loop made of seat belt material, a D ring and Velcro closure. It is looped around the wheelchair arm and the patient puts an arm through it; he can then lean to one side, relieving pressure on the opposite side, and pull upright using the strap. Includes drawing and photograph. COM

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