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One Hand Keyboard Modification

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DecaTxt One-Handed BLE Keyboard

The DecaTxt One-Handed BLE Keyboard is a one-handed keyboard designed for use by individuals with the use of only one hand or who have limited reach or muscle control. The Bluetooth low energy one-handed keyboard with ten keys that uses simple chords to provide all standard keystrokes. It is roughly the size and shape of a deck of cards and is designed to be used with either hand. Keys are placed such that any finger can press up to two keys and the combination of keys result in keystrokes. Deca

Diy Wireless Typing Glove

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a wireless typing glove for individuals who type on a smartphone or computer one-handed and individuals with upper extremity or fine motor disabilities. G.A.U.N.T.L.E.T. (Generally Accessible Universal Nomadic Tactile Low-power Electronic Typist) is a do-it-yourself wireless typing glove that was developed by a pair of former design students and is in the beta stage of development. G.A.U.N.T.L.E.T. allows users to type on any smartphone

Half Keyboard

The Half Keyboard is a compact one-handed keyboard designed for use by individuals with upper extremity amputation, hand injury, or who have had a stroke. This keyboard allows the user to touch type with one hand, using existing typing skills. The user places a hand on the keyboard, in the standard position. The letters under the hand are exactly the same as on a standard keyboard. To get the other half of the keyboard, the user holds down the space bar. To type a space, the user taps the space

Left Or Right Handed Keyboards

Left or Right Handed keyboards are modified keyboards designed for one handed use for individuals who have only one functioning hand. These keyboards are Honeywell modified keyboards with a Dvorak layout. The layout hlps to reduce stress with easy access to 60% of the characters used in each word. OPTION: An optional foot pedal can be used to control Shift, Ctrl, Alt for $89.95.

Maltron One-Handed Keyboards -- Right Hand and Left Hand

The Maltron One-Handed Keyboard made for right-handed and left-handed persons is designed for people with one hand to allow them to type with one hand. It is a full keyboard complete with all 27 letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, and special keys and characters. Its ergonomic design lets users type easier with their hand in a more natural position, contoured to the typist's hand placement. The Maltron One-Handed Keyboards provide high speed access for those who have the use of only one hand. 

Matias 508 Keyboard

The Matia 508 Keyboard is a one-hand keyboard designed for use by individuals with upper extremity amputation, stroke, or hand injury. This full-size keyboard allows both one-handed and two-handed typing. The user can touch-type with the left hand, the right hand, or both hands. The keys are built on rubber dome keyswitches that provide a quiet tactile feel, with enough resistance to hold the weight of the user's hands and reduce long-term fatigue. The user places a hand where it would normally

Modification For Mouthstick Computing

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: Miniature seesaw with ball bearing weight meant to hold down the shift key of a computer keyboard which lacks a caps lock key. Allows a quadriplegic using a mouthstick to type in upper and lower case without depressing two keys at once. Describes a miniature seesaw made of two tongue depressors, wooden matches, a nail, and a marble or ball bearing as a weight. The seesaw is placed so that when one end is tapped the weight rolls down and depresses the shift key.

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