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Feeding Tube Holder

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Drawstring Pouch

The Drawstring Pouch is a feeding tube holder designed to store the excess length of a feeding tube while the tube is in use by an infant, child or adult with swallowing or eating disabilities. Coiled tubing fits into this nylon mesh bag, and the bag can be pinned to clothing to help prevent accidental tube removal.

Feeding Tube Holder

DO-IT-YOURSELF-ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with ALS to indepemdemtly pour liquid meals into a feeding tube. The device consists of a quarter-inch plywood base with an upright length of plywood attached to it. The syringe barrel is attached to the side of the 2 x 4, enabling the user to use two hands to pour the liquid food. The unit disassembles for travel and storage. MATERIALS: one piece of quarter-inch plywood, a 9-inch length of 2 x 4, and fasteners. TOOLS: Wood shop tools. S

Jofas Clamp

The Jofas Clamp is a feeding tube holder designed for use in nasal gastric and gastric feeding of infants, children or adults with swallowing or eating disabilities. The unit holds a standard 60cc syringe for gravity feeding. It consists of a flexible arm that is light weight and portable, with a C-clamp base that attaches to flat surfaces (such as tables or counters) up to 2 inches wide. DIMENSIONS: Flexible arm is 24 inches long.

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