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Straw Drinking Training Aid

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Drinking Straw Trainer

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To assist children with severe disabilities in transitioning from bottle feeding to straw drinking. The tip was cut off a pacifier and the pacifier was attached to a cup with a built-in straw. The remainder of the pacifier was kept intact to provide the needed tactile stimulation to aid the child in remembering to suck. MATERIALS: Pacifier and cup with straw. TOOLS: Scissors. SKILLS REQUIRED: Cutting. AUTHOR: Chambers, M. TITLE: Assistive Technology Ideas that W

Gravity Feed Cup (Model 16T177A)

The Gravity Feed Cup, model 16T177A, is a gravity assisted cup designed for use by individuals who have difficulty drinking. This eight-ounce cup assists with drinking using gravity. Liquid intake is controlled by adjusting the position of the cup. A caregiver can position the cup to the desired level as the user sips the liquid through L-shaped straws inserted in the connector near the bottom of the cup. Twelve straws are included and replacements are available in supermarkets. This cup is hand


The SafeStraw™ is a drinking aid designed for individuals with upper extremity and eating disabilities to use for sipping fluids. It can be used to help individuals with dysphagia and/or deficient oropharyngeal or oral motor skills drink safely. It cuts down on manually controlling liquid intake by squeezing a straw or spoon feeding. Assists with prevention of aspiration when drinking fluids. It is an oral training tool. Use Thin SafeStraw (White) for thin liquids and Thick SafeStraw (Blue) for

Special Needs Mr. Juice Bear Drinking Teaching Cup With 3 Straws

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