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Extension Mirror

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5X Magnifying Mirror

TheĀ 5X Magnifying Mirror is a 4.5X magnifying mirror that adjusts to any angle for users with low vision. The mirror can easily swivel from a regular to magnified mirror. It extends 30 inches from the wall to make tasks like shaving or washing possible. It has 1X magnification on one side and 4.5X magnification on the other.

Lighted Oval Magnifying Mirror

The Lighted Oval Magnifying Mirror is a magnifying mirror designed for use by individuals with low vision. This mirror is illuminated on both sides and one side offers 1x magnification and the other side has 8x magnification. The unit swivels between the 1x mirror and the 8x mirror, and both fog-free optical mirrors are ringed by a 1,000-hour, glare-free incandescent light for shadow-free illumination. The lighting can be used in low, medium, or high or turned off. A triple-jointed arm allows th

Rucci 10X Lighted Wall-Mount Mirror (Model M830)

The Rucci 10X Lighted Wall-Mount Mirror, model M830, is a magnifying extension mirror designed for use by individuals with low vision. This reversible mirror has 10X magnification on one side and no magnification on the other. The mirror is illuminated with a 7-watt fluorescent tube, and is mounted on a jointed arm that attaches to the wall. The mounting arm and base have a metalic finish. DIMENSIONS: Mirror is 7.5 inches in diameter. The jointed arm extends to 15 inches. POWER: Uses alternating

Self Examining Mirrors (Model F74101-0000 & -0001)

Self exmaning mirrors are designed to widen the field of view and allow individuals to examine many parts of their body for people with limited mobility. The mirror s are shatter proof and mounted on telescoping handles which are adjustable in length. The mirror is oval shaped and can be rotates around the handle and tilted over a 90 degree range. There are two models available. The Single Handle Mirror, model F74101-0000, has a soft rubber covering on the handle which includes a hand loop. The

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