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Wrist Restraint

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Adjustable Wrist Wrap

The Adjustable Wrist Wrap is a splint designed to provide compression, support, heat, and comfort for individuals requiring additional support in the wrist due to injury or illness, chronic weakness in the wrist, mild sprains, strains, and for carpal tunnel syndrome. The brace may useful for arthritis and for post-operative or post-cast rehabilitation. It is made of 1/8-inch neoprene with a plush "universal loop" laminate which allows easy adjustment with the hook wrap. SIZE: One size fits all.

Comfort Cuff (Model 306010)

The Comfort Cuff, model 306010, is a wrist or ankle restraint designed to prevent individuals with cognitive or behavioral disabilities from injuring themselves. Made of high-pile synthetic sheepskin, these launderable restraints have non-slip buckles that remain secure despite pulling by the wearer and extra-long straps to secure the restraints to a bed or wheelchair beyond the wearer's reach. SIZES: Universal.

Mor-Loc Wrist Restraints

Mor-Loc Wrist Restraints are designed to stabilize patients who are bed ridden. They are made of fire retardent allergy-proof Kodel synthetic pile with long nylon webbing that straps to the sides of a bed or wheelchair. They have a hook and loop closure and they are packaged in pairs. SIZE: One size fits all.

Posey Double Strap Foam Limb Holder (Models 2520 And 2528)

The Posey Double Strap Foam Limb Holder, models 2520 and 2528, is a wrist and ankle restraint. The unit is foam lined with a cotton webbing double strap that secures to a movable portion of a bed with quick release ties (model 2520 has a single tie and model 2528 has a double tie). It has a D-ring wrist or ankle closure with a hook-and-loop closure, and fits adult or child limbs with a writ or ankle circumference of 4 to 12 inches. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 13.5 x 3 inches (cuff); cuff thickness is 0.3

Wrist Sleeve (Model 400)

The Wrist Sleeve, model 400, is a wrist restraint designed to provide support for persons with tendinitis, bursitis or other arthritic wrist conditions. It features reversing "power tabs" and hoop and loop closures that secure the sleeve around the wrist. Neoprene provides warmth and compression. SIZES: Small to Extra Large. COLOR: Black.

Wrist Support (Model 775)

The Wrist Support, model 775, is a splint designed to offer flexible support for the wrist with neoprene warmth and compression. Its hook and loop closure is intended to adhere anywhere on support for comfort and tension adjustment. SIZES: One size fits all. COLORS: Beige.

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