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Bathtub Cabinet

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Apollo Advantage Seated Bathing System (Models 6000 & 6300)

The Apollo Advantage Seated Bathing System is a whirlpool bathtub designed for use by caregivers in bathing individuals with mobility or severe physical disabilities. The system includes a bathing cabinet with a front door. Bathers enter the tub in a comfortable,secure chair and are bathed while seated. The chair is designed to move easily to allow the caregiver access to all areas of the body. Four whirlpool jets provide a gentle, massaging motion while a thermometer monitors water temperature.

Kohler Freewill Barrier-Free Bath And Shower Module (Models K-12103 & K-12104)

The Kohler Freewill Barrier-Free Bath and Shower Module, models K-12103 and K-12104, is a shower bathtub designed for use by people with physical disabilities. The unit includes slip-resistant floors, and a lift-out transfer seat. It is available with either a left or right side drain. The module is made of acrylic and comes with grab bars made of either brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, or nylon. COLOR: White, almond, sunlight yellow, ice grey, biscuit, cashmere, sandbar, or te

Outlook Series Barrier Free Tub Shower (Model Bfts-60F)

The Outlook Series Barrier Free Tub Shower, model BFTS-60F, is a shower bathtub designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. The two-piece tub shower base has a textured bottom with a left- or right-hand drain. The maximum water capacity of the tub is 39.6 gallons. OPTIONS: Homestead whirlpool system with air switch; Naugahyde or Phenolic rectangular fold-up or drop-in seat; straight grab bar; curtain rod with plastic end caps; and vinyl shower curtain with stainless steel hooks.

Sit Bath (Model 076200)

Sit bath for ambulatory or wheelchair persons. Sliding seat facilitates entering cabinet, locks in position. Front door with seal allows water to be filled to shoulder level. Control panel with thermostat, shower hose and optional shampoo basin.

Spa Shell

Bathing system. Shell of bathing unit rotates from vertical position to horizontal position. In vertical position the user sits on, or transfers to, the built in seat. Full immersion bathing with complete coverage of legs. 65 gallon capacity. Ergonomically designed faucet valve fills tub. Control panel installable for user or attendant access. Built in thermostatic mixer with temperature gauge. Built in disinfection system automatically mixes water and disinfectant. Vacuum thermoformed, coextrud

Tub Wall Kit (Models Ha-58 & Gn-58)

The Tub Wall Kit, models HA-58 and GN-58, is a bathtub enclosure designed for use by individuals with balance or moblity disabilities. The walls include low-set soap dishes and are suitable for grab bar installation. Model HA-58 has a bright, glossy surface that comes from a durable, baked-on finish; its design keeps shower head spray from aiming at seams. Model GN-58 is made of Veritek, which has a granite appearance with no surface coating so its color runs throughout. The walls do not mold or

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