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Emergency Cell Phone

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Bm-01 Gsm Mobile Phone

The BM-01 is a large key mobile phone which includes functions designed especially for the elderly or anyone with low vision. The BM-01 big button mobile phone features big keys and font to make it easier to see the keys. The phone features an emergency call button - even if the phone is switched off, a user can press the button for 3 seconds and the phone will automatically switch on and dial the pre-set emergency number. There is also a magnify text message button - if small text is difficult

Central Alert Mini Notification System

The Central Alert Mini Notification System is designed for individuals who are hearing impaired or deaf. It is extra loud and bright when it flashes, alerting the user to a doorbell ringer, a text, or a call. It has a CentralAlert Cell Phone Ringer/Flasher, a Wireless Doorbell, Alerts to incoming phone calls and texts. As well, the Central Alert Mini Notification System has alerts to Skype and FaceTime calls and a loud ringer and bright flasher alerts. In addition, the product has a backup batte

Clarity Pal (101)

The Clarity Pal (101) is an amplified, hearing aid compatible cellular phone with speaker designed for use by seniors and individuals who are hard of hearing. This phone amplifies incoming sound with adjustable tone control for a customized listening experience. The SOS one-touch emergency button on the back of the phone will set off an alarm when pressed for 2-3 seconds, and the phone will automatically make calls to the predefined emergency contacts (up to five numbers can be set) one by one.

Lifesaver Emergency Cell Phone

The Lifesaver Emergency Cell Phone is a cell phone designed for use by individuals with cognitive, fine motor, or mobility disabilities. This phone is equipped with a large red button which, when pressed, automatically connects to 911 emergency personnel. Adding a SIM card (not included) enables the user to make calls like any other cell phone. The phone also has a built-in GPS locator to enable responders to locate the user. POWER: Uses the included long-life, Lithium battery. The battery is de

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