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Voice Output Notetaker Program

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AccessNote is a word processor program and voice input and output audio notetaker program designed for people who are blind or have low vision. This application (or app) allows a person to use their Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch as an electronic notetaker. It is designed particularly for people who use the VoiceOver feature (see separate entry) of Apple's iOS. AccessNote creates notes in the .TXT file format, and it can also import .TXT files from e-mail or Dropbox accounts. The AccessNote ho

Talking Food Cans

The Talking Food Cans are designed for the visually impaired, who have difficulty identifying different objects or similar shapes. This product is meant to help these individuals to keep track of what is in their pantry. The user’s voice can be recorded, telling contents of the can and press button to hear the message played back. Reusable and re-recordable. The product is a magnetic yellow cap that sits on top of any sized steel can. The cap is not just limited to canned food. Using special met

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