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Auditory Stimulation Activity

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Abilitations GaitSpots, Pair of 2

Abilitations GaitSpots, Pair of 2 are auditory positioning aids or gait training mobility aids designed for children with walking disabilities. The GaitSpots hook onto the user's shoes, and encourage heel strike, toe off (push off), jumping, stepping, hopping, and a fluent gait. Each GaitSpot features 1 squeaker, 1 heel/toe loop and an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that enables the GaitSpot to fit on most shoes from toddler size 4 through youth size 4.

Abilitations Rainsticks - Cactus - 20 inch (50cm)

Abilitations Rainsticks - Cactus - 20 inch (50cm) are therapeutic musical instruments designed for use by children with developmental disabilities to experience and practice auditory processing. They produce a gentle sound and have a smooth feel. Slender enough for even small hands to grab and shake, producing the rush of rain.

Abilitations Rapper Snappers Corrugated Tube for Auditory, Visual and Tactile Feedback - Set of 3

Abilitations Rapper Snappers Corrugated Tube for Auditory, Visual and Tactile Feedback - Set of are therapeutic aids designed for children with special needs to provide auditory, visual, and tactile feedback while strengthening upper extremity musculature. A Rapper Snapper can be stretched to its full length of 30 inches or crunched back down to 8 inches. It can be twisted and bent into an endless number of shapes and designs connected together to form one long tube or stretched and twirled to c

Baby Booster Infant Stimulation Kit

The Baby Booster Infant Stimulation Kit is a sensory integration activity kit designed for use witt infants and toddlers with neurological or sensory disabilities. This interactive kit includes activities that focus on six different sensory areas: preceptor stimulation, tactile stimulation, auditory stimulation, olfactory/gustatory stimulation, and vocalization. Special components and instructions are provided for each area to maximize the skill-building and learning process.

Baby Buzz'r

The Baby Buzz'r is a sensory busy box designed for use with children with cognitive, sensory, neurological, or emotional disabilities. This portable unit has a smiling clown-like face and features vibration, blinking eyes, and soothing lullabies activated by buttons on the top. The unit can be attached to strollers or carried in a purse or pocket. POWER: Uses two triple-A batteries (not included).

CD Boom Box

This switch-adapted CD Boom Box is a CD player, AM/FM radio, and a cassette player all in one unit. The user plugs a capability switch into the radio/cassette jack to play music, or plug the switch into the CD jack to activate a favorite CD. The radio and cassette functions require continuous switch activation to play. The CD and tape function starts and pauses with each switch activation. The CD function will not work with a latch/timer. Audio-in is not adapted for switch use. Unit does not hav

CD/Cassette Player

The CD/Cassette Player is a boom box for children with learning disabilities to record sound onto their cassette from a CD, radio, or built-in microphone. Features an AM & FM stereo and six 3.5 mm headphone jacks. Bluetooth compatible for wireless music streaming.

Giant 8-Tone Drum

The Giant 8-Tone Drum is an auditory stimulation activity designed for use with individuals with hearing, cognitive, or neurological disabilities. This drum is used to produce resonation for auditory processing. The large drum produces deep vibration and eight separate tones. Handcrafted of hardwoods, the drum has a rubber foot on each side so that it can be played table-style. Flipping the drum on its side enables an individual to lie on its surface to feel the vibrations as another person play

Glitter Pin with Lights, Vibration, and Music

The Glitter Pin with Lights, Vibration, and Music is an Adapted Therapeutic Learning toy designed for children with neurological, mental, or developmental disabilities for visual, auditory, and physical sensory stimulation. This Glitter Pin is divided into three sections of beads and can be easily mounted on a mirrored base (optional and sold separately). The pin lights up as the beads tumble and it has colored lights in each section. It plays music as it gently vibrates. It does not require a c

Glitter Roll and Music Base/Switch

This Glitter Roll and Music Base/Switch is an Adapted Therapeutic Learning device designed for children with developmental disabilities for use at school or home and meant to encourage reaching and swiping. The switch provides multi-sensory stimulation with its roller action and built-in music box. The clear, cylindrical roller contains a variety shapes. The user will roll it to activate the music base. It can also be used as an external capability switch without music when connected to a device

Ibead Chain

The iBead Chain can be attached to an iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, or any device with an earphone jack to the speaker. To play music, user moves the beads. This device can be used for children and adults. It comes with two different activation choices: momentary or continuous play. In the momentary mode, the music plays when the beads are touched; in the continuous play mode, touch the beads and the music plays until the device is turned off.

Ice Marble Panel With Cover

The ICE Marble Panel with Cover is a therapeutic tool ideal to use for clients with developmental disabilities and expands the use from a piece of equipment that a client could self-stimulate on, to one that has a controllable function to block out unwanted behavior. It can change from a tactile, auditory and visual feedback piece of equipment to one that can be pleasingly visually.

Irc Jumbo Jet (Model 6642)

IRC Jumbo Jet, model 6642, is an educational toy designed to provide auditory and visual stimulation for children with neurological disabilities. This jet comes with a simple infrared remote control that resembles real airplane controls, a Y-shaped base with a navigation screen in the center, big buttons, and indicator lights. The toy has a plastic body in the shape of a jet with windows in the front and on the sides, two engines under each wing, two wheels under the nose of the plane, and two w

Lamaaze Soft Sorter

The Lamaze Soft Sorter is an eye hand coordination and visual stimulation activity designed for use by children ages six month and above with cognitive, perceptual, vision, hearing, or neurological disabilities. The machine-washable set consists of a soft cube with openings in each surface and large, soft textured shapes. The shapes and the sorter are flexible, eliminating the need for precision in placing the shapes and the shapes can be held in a variety of grasps. The shapes each make a sound

Listen Here!

Listen Here! is an auditory stimulation activity designed for use with children with neurological, cognitive, or hearing disabilities. The program provides stimulation by playing more than 90 sounds that can be manipulated with a variety of effects, including moving from the left to the right speaker or moving in and out. Sounds can be activated momentarily when the mouse button is pressed or played in a continuous loop until stopped. Custom sounds can be added using a microphone and the Windows

Listening First Tiger Headphones

Motorized Glitter Roll Music Box (Model 697)

The Motorized Glitter Roll Music Box, model 697, is a switch-activated music box and auditory stimulation activity designed for use by children with severe physical or cognitive disabilities. This music box works with an external capability switch (not included). When the switch is activated, a potpourri of sparkling shapes tumbles as the sweet-sounding music plays. POWER: Uses 2 C batteries.

Multi-Sensory Centers (Models 725 & 726)

The Multi-Sensory Center are touch switches and sensory integration activities designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, fine motor, sensory, and neurological disabilities. Designed to provide auditory, tactile, and visual stimulation, each center is equipped with ultra-bright lights, vibration, and music. Internal switches allow each type of stimulation to be used individually or they can be used in a variety of combinations. Additional tactile stimulastion is provided by the textur

NoiseLESS Earphones

These NoiseLESS Earphones are designed for children and adults with auditory sensitivities to reduce the volume and intensity of outside noise. Affordable noise protection.

Oball Toy Ball, Multicolored, Assorted

Portable Square Fan (Model 127)

The Portable Square Fan, model 127, is an auditory stimulation activity designed for use with children with auditory or neurological disabilities. Adapted for use with a single switch (switch not included), this fan features an adjustable head. The breeze from the fan provides tactile stimulation and the hum of the motor provides auditory stimulation. POWER: Uses batteries.

Processing Program Level 2-3

The Processing Program Level 2-3 (2nd Edition) is designed for use by students who have difficulty processing or learning basic language structures and concepts, including those with attention deficit disorders, auditory processing disorders, autism, and cochlear implants. It is designed to improve language-processing skills using a set of picture-identification tasks. Instructors learn how to identify the type of modifications needed for each child and then how to fade use of the AA technique.

Rainbow Maker

The Rainbow Maker is an auditory and visual stimulation activity designed for use by children with neurological disabilities. The child grasps the clear tube at the top and the bottom and turns it upside down to send multi-colored beads falling, creating the sound of gently falling rain and creating a prism of color as the beads fall through the colored barriers.

Say And Do Sound Production, Flip Book And Activities For Apraxia

The Say and Do Flip Book contains four identical sections of illustrated cards. The cards provide a visual model of how to produce vowels and consonants at the sound, syllable, and word levels. Each card section is arranged by place of production, beginning at the front of the mouth and working towards the back.

Sensory Stimulation Kit (Model 1-08610-00), Auditory Kit (Model 1-08640-00), Tactual-Kinesthetic Kit (Model 1-08630-00), Visual Kit (Model 1-08620-00), & Olfactory-Gustatory Kit (Model 1-08650-00)

The Sensory Stimulation Kit, model 1-08610-00, is a perceptual training activity designed for professionals working with children who are blind or have low vision or multiple disabilities. It comprises the Auditory Kit, model 1-08640-00; the Tactual-Kinesthetic Kit, model 1-08630-00; the Visual Kit, model 1-08620-00; and the Olfactory-Gustatory Kit, model 1-08650-00. The kits contain sensory materials designed to help in the development of basic sensory processes in young children, particularly


--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To allow children with cognitive and motor impairments participate in manipulative activities, involving rhythm and dance movements

Snoezelen Mse Home Deluxe Kit

Snoezelen Multisensory environments (MSE) are a specialized selection of sensory equipment and materials that may help users adapt their responses to sensory stimulation and to advance education and therapy goals. Each Snoezelen construction is designed to offer individuals with special needs and challenging conditions the opportunity to exercise choice through action.

Somatosensory Musical Bead Chain/switch (Model 357)

The Somatosensory Musical Bead Chain/Switch, model 357, is a cause and effect training activity, auditory stimulation activity, and contact switch designed for use by children with severe physical disabilities. This unit works as a switch or as an independent toy. Bead chains hang in front of a metal bar. Moving the beads to make contact with the bar turns on a built-in music box. The music stays on as long as the beads are making contact with the metal bar. Playing with this bead chain switch p

Southpaw Vibro-Acoustic Bean Bag Chair

The Southpaw Virbro-Acoustic Bean Bag Chair is designed for those who require additional sensory input. The chair provides vibratory sensory input that calms a user with the vibration and music. One stereo speaker is installed in the Bean Bag and will attach to a Southpaw Stereo Rover. The chairs are covered in durable, commercial strength 20 oz. vinyl, and backed by non-woven polyester.

Space Encounter

Space Encounter is an adapted therapeutic learning toy designed for children with learning disabilities to play and learn at home or in the classroom. The child using this toy will experience tactile, visual and auditory fun. If the outer rim is activated anywhere, the child will hear shooting, multicolored lights flashing inside the large frosted dome, exciting music, spaceship sounds, and vibration. The Spaceship spins on a lazy susan base.

Spinning Symphony

Spinning Symphony is a musically based toy designed for children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. It is designed to engage users in active exploration, which helps to increase auditory development and listening skills. Press any of the bright colored instrument switches to hear six different Mozart compositions. At the touch of the switch, the user can add or subtract any of five different instruments (harp, French horn, piano, flute, and violin) from the composition. POWER:

Story Land Application

The Story Land application (on iTunes) is a multi-sensory and interactive game where players can choose their own settings to match their moods and play at their own pace, developed for children with autism. Children with intellectual disabilities as well as adults can create their own scenes and place 'actors' into them, from a huge cast of drawn characters. Actors can be scaled, rotated, and given different objects. Weather and backgrounds can be customized to suit the player's mood. Music can

Textured Carousel Busy Box

Vanimals (Model 1179)

Vanimals, model 1179, are educational toys designed to provide auditory and visual stimulation for children with neurological disabilities. Available in three styles (sold separately), each toy comes with a simple remote control with two big buttons. Hippo Fire Engine features a plastic body in the shape of hippo, four plastic wheels, a bell, two headlights, two big eyes, and two front teeth. When children press one button on its remote control, the fire engine does its funny walk. If the other

Wheel Of Sounds

Wheel of Sounds is a cause and effect training program designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities. This switch-activated game plays an object's sound when the object is selected by the spinner. The spinner is activated by step scanning, timed scanning, a single switch press, a mouse click, or touch-screen. Once the picture is selected and the sound is played, a new picture will take its place. Wheel of Sounds gives the user the capability of setting the field of pictures to disp


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