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Service Dog

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Dog Backpacks

Dog Backpacks are designed for use by individuals use an animal companion to assist during daily routines. These saddlebag style backpacks allows the users dog to help carry necessities. It includes large pockets for food, water storage, and personal items. It has three separate adjustment points for maximum comfort. The pack is easily removable to take weight off during rest stops.

Harness Up & Out Lift

Harness Up & Out Lift is designed for owners of injured or elderly service dogs that require assistance getting on and off higher services such as in and out of a car. Simply attach the harness around your dog's torso, secure the Velcro strap, and use the "up" command while helping your pup into the vehicle. Don't struggle to lift your heavy dog anymore. The Up & Out Lift Harness makes lifting easier, while preventing strain on your dog's legs and hips. This safe, durable harness is a l

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