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Polarized Car Visor For Day And Night Driving With Adjustable Slider

The Reizen Polarized Car Visor for Day and Night Driving with adjustable slider is designed for those individuals who have a disability that affects their vision and is good for contact wearers, persons who drive in the sun for long periods, persons with Diabetic retinepathy or Corneal dystrophy, as well as for those who are developing cataracts, and/or persons who had contact surgery. This product fits all cars, vans, pick-ups, Recreational Vehicles or RV's, campers, trucks, and boats. Slider a

Turn-Alarm (Models 252, 262, U-1, & U-2)

The Turn-Alarm is a turn signal alert device designed for use by individuals with hearing disabilities. Models 252 and 262 are designed to replace the existing turn signal flashers and are recommended for use in motor homes, vehicles towing trailers and fifth wheels, and vehicles with replacable turn signal flashers. With the device installed, an audible beep is heard as long as the turn signal is on. The unit beeps in the same intervals that the flashers flash. Model 262 has a larger heavy-duty

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