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Keyboard Modification

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Califone Kids Keyboard

The Califone Kids Keyboard is designed for typing beginner students to teach familiarize them with keyboard functions using the color-coded model. Keyboard is durable enough to withstand daily classroom use and the QWERTY layout and bright primary colors capture interest and help inspire confidence. Color-coded keys help beginning computer learners identify and locate function (green), consonants (yellow), vowels (orange) and number (red) keys. Includes Microsoft Office Hot Keys: Playback, Volum

Darci Too

DARCI TOO is a keyboard emulator designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or severe physical disabilities. This device can be controlled by joysticks, switches, matrix keyboards, or communication aids and supplies Morse Code, scanning, matrix keyboard, Darci Code, and communication aid access to all computer functions.The input device is selected by a setup menu which is displayed on DARCI TOO's display panel. Input devices are connected to one of the three input connectors. Setup ro

Ergodex Dx-1 Programmable Keyboard

The Ergodex DX-1 Adaptive Keyboard is a keyboard interface designed for use by individuals with severe physical, upper extremity, vision or cognitive disabilities. This keyboard consists of a tablet and 25 adhesive-backed keys. Although the adhesive forms a strong bond, the keys can be moved by twisting them off, enabling them to be moved around on the surface. The keys are programmable to perform any number of tasks, including controlling single or multiple functions such as moving entire bloc


Helpikeys is designed for use by individuals with low vision and cognitive and learning disabilities. Helpikeys is a programmable membrane keyboard which replaces a traditional keyboard and mouse. It comes with five standard overlays which are recognized by the keyboard when inserted under the protective membrane. As a programmable alternative keyboard, Helpikeys can be changed by using one of these five standard overlays, or by using the Helpikeys Layout Builder software (included) that allows

Intellikeys Usb Assistive Keyboard

IntelliKeys is an alternative keyboard designed to meet the needs of students with physical disabilities. It is a customizable, flat, touch-sensitive device. Unlike standard keyboards with a fixed set of keys, the configuration of IntelliKeys can be easily changed by sliding different overlays onto the touch sensitive area.

Keyboard Covers (Model 1440)

Keyboard Covers model 1440, is a keyguard designed to block out unnecessary keys for individuals with physical disabilities. Designed for use with computer programs which require only one or a few keys to be pressed, these flexible covers attach to the keyboard with Velcro and enable unneeded to be blocked from use by adhering the included rubber bumpers. The covers can also be used to designate keys to be used. COMPATIBILITY: For use on Apple IIe computers.

Keyboard Wedge

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: Provide a custom adaptation to a standard keyboard for use by an individual with cerebral palsy. Due to the type of typing aid used by this individual, the most effective position of a keyboard needed to be at a 30 degree angle from the desk. This adaptation allows the individual to guide the typing aid directly towards the keys rather than having to bend his wrists to reach the keyboard. A clear sheet of acrylic was used to make the keyboard wedge, using a jig to he

Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard

The Keys-U-See large print keyboard has been designed for those with conditions that cause visual impairment or low vision. The large print is also applicable for anyone working in low light conditions or learning to type. Includes one-touch internet and email buttons, one-touch media control buttons, and three power management keys.

Mini-Arm Keyboard Platform

The Mini-Arm Keyboard Platform has four adjustable functions: height, tilt, rotation, and position. It was ergonomically designed to provide comfort for computer operators in an effort to decrease the risk of repetitive motion damage such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The Mini-Arm can be factory or field installed on any 29-inch McDowell-Craig top (and most other manufacturers' tops as well). It is especially effective when used under a McDowell-Craig Power Table (see separate entry), for this comb

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