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Child's Car Seat

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Angelride‚Ñ¢ Infant Car Bed

The AngelRide™ Infant Car Bed is a FMVSS213 approved special needs transportation system for infants with low birth weight. The AngelRide Infant Car Bed comes standard with support and safety features that provide positioning support for infants. Standard features include: five-degree surface to raise the infant’s head for more efficient breathing; patented wrap-around harness for additional protection during a sudden stop or crash; fabric harness that cushions the buckle while allowing quick re

Betterback Seat Support

The BetterBack a portable seat is a self-supporting unit that can easily be carried and used anywhere. The BetterBack provides a comforting, natural back support and was designed to prevent slouching while maintaining a neutral spine position. Its contoured wood shape keeps the integrity of the seat and back components independent of the surface on which the user places it. The seat also helps users maintain a comfortable, anatomically correct sitting position. DIMENSIONS: 15.5 inches depth x 13

Columbia Medical Therapedic Chlid Car Seat

The Columbia Medical Special Needs Car Seat is available for children who have outgrown regular car seats. It will fit children from 20-102 pounds and up to 60 inches tall. The seat is designed for those who cannot sit upright unassisted.

Columbia Therapedic Positioning Seat (Model 2000)

The Columbia TheraPedic Positioning Seat, model 2000, is a car seat designed for use in the transport of children with physical and neurological disabilities affecting balance and the ability to sit upright. The seat can be used by children up to 5 feet tall, and may also be used as a wheelchair insert. The unit consists of a vacuum-formed ABS plastic shell with chromed steel side tubes, fire-retardant upholstery, a five-point nylon webbing safety harness, and a nylon webbing supplementary tethe

Convaid Carrot 3 Special Needs Booster Seat

Convaid Carrot 3 Special Needs Booster Seat is a restraint system designed for children and teens 3-15 years of age with special needs. This special needs booster was designed to provide optimal positioning & safety for children with limited head, trunk, and pelvic stability with neurological and motor disabilities. The “free angle” recline allows the hip area to recline for diaper access and changes (reclines at any position from 90 -180 degrees). Modular extensions and accessories allow e

Kidster Chair

The Kidster chair is an individual wheelchair seating system designed for children from 2 to 12 years, or any individuals who fit into the seat sizes offered. The seat is certified as a child safety car seat when removed from the frame, and is designed for use as a positioner, self-mobile unit, recliner, floor sitter, and stroller. FRAME: The frame is made of steel and is coated with baked on nylon. The frame comes in black, blue or red. SEAT: A rigid seat with 2 inches of regular polyurethane s


Recaro is a car seat designed for use with children weighing 9-36 kilograms with balance, neurological, or other physical disabilities. It is made out of an aluminum frame and offers additional contoured seat padding, lateral support and adjustability. Additional features include anatomical seat padding with leg support and an adjustable back height and seat depth. The width of the shoulder pads is adjustable and it comes with a standard 5-point safety harness with simplified central adjustmen

Roosevelt Car Seat

Roosevelt Car Seat is designed to promote safety and comfort for children with special health needs such as cerebral palsy, mobility and neurological disabilities. The Roosevelt Car Seat accommodates children weighing up to 115 lbs. or 62" tall, and can be used with either a lap belt or a lap shoulder belt combination, allowing you to use the Roosevelt Car Seat in any forward facing rear vehicle seat. The car seat is LATCH compliant for children up to 48 pounds, and includes an EZ-Tether connec

Seat Shell Adaptations

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide proper positioning for a child with multiple disabilities, including cerebral palsy and lung disease. The family owned a Medifab seat and insert that was used in the car and provided appropriate positioning and support. However, they found it inconvenient to transfer the seat from the car to the house each time it was needed. The solution was to create another shell for the seat insert using an existing Medifab mobile base frame that was not being used. The

Special Tomato Mps Car Seat

The Special Tomato Multi-Positioning Seat Car Seat Version is a child's car seat designed for use by children and youth with physical disabilities. The seat has adjustable seat, head, and back cushions and offers a choice of regular or extended size seat cushions, allowing the seat width and depth to be adjusted to accommodate the child's growth. Other features include a seat shell, a latch strap and tether strap for in-vehicle use, and safety attachment straps for use outside of a vehicle. 


Timy is a car seat designed for children who require additional support for positioning due to limited physical mobility. The Timy comes equip with lateral supports and a double-sided shoulder belt guide. There is a 90-degree turn out system for easy access with anatomically formed cushion parts. The seat depth is adjustable to promote a proper fit. The Timy has been crash tested to ECE R44-04. OPTIONS: Footplate and Support Frame SIZES: Junior, Standard, Senior, Senior Max. DIMENSIONS: Width 2

Tumble Forms Carrie Seat (Models 4641L, 4641M, 4641S, & 4641Sa)

The Tumble Forms Carrie Seat, models 4641L, 4641M, 4641S & 4641SA, are positioning seating systems designed for insertion in mobility systems such as strollers, wheelchairs, or in vehicles. They may also be used at home or in school. The seats come with an adjustable footrest, headrest, and tray. Standard features include an anti-thrust seat to stabilize the pelvis; a seat back which articulates 20 degrees to accommodate abnormal trunk tone; an adjustable footrest to maintain hip, knee, and

Ultimate Car Seat

The Ultimate Car Seat is designed for use with children with balance, neurological, orother physical disabilities. This seat features fully-adjustable padded head supports and a five-point harness. The included positionining pad set can be used to provide support for smaller children. OPTIONS: Seat depth extender. DIMENSIONS: The inside width is 15.5 inches in the front and 14 inches in the back. The overall dimensions are 28 x 19 inches. CAPACITY: 20 to 102 pounds. WEIGHT: 11 pounds

Urban Chamy Stroller

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: Urban Chamy combines transporting children and a helpful station for the babies at home. The concept is a shell equipped with two kinds of cushioning for the different ages of the baby. This shell is a comfortable cradle, before, and then a seat that can adapt on three different supports in relation to the different needs of moving, a base for car, a stroller-bike and a high chair for home. While the baby is sitting in the shell, the parent can ride the bike.

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