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Custom Keyguards

Custom Keyguards are designed to enable people with upper extremity disabilities to use a standard computer keyboard but are unable to keep their hand elevated above it or who use a headwand or mouthstick. Keyguards support the hands and allow them to slide across the keyboard without pressing any keys. Desired keys are depressed through the corresponding keyhole. The keyguards also prevents the user from inadvertently pressing more than one key at a time. Latching mechanisms are provided for ke

Keyboard Covers (Model 1440)

Keyboard Covers model 1440, is a keyguard designed to block out unnecessary keys for individuals with physical disabilities. Designed for use with computer programs which require only one or a few keys to be pressed, these flexible covers attach to the keyboard with Velcro and enable unneeded to be blocked from use by adhering the included rubber bumpers. The covers can also be used to designate keys to be used. COMPATIBILITY: For use on Apple IIe computers.

Keyboard Guard.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Keyboard guard to assist persons with limited finger control. A removable grid is constructed from 1/16 inch diameter brass rod with soldered joints. It can be made for calculators, typewriters or push button phones. Includes drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Welding. AUTHOR: Ken Hagman, Opportunities, Inc., 925 Jefferson Street, Fort Atkinson, WI, 414-563- 6691. TITLE: Tools, Equipment and Machinery Adapted for the Vocational Education and Employment of Handi

Keyboard With Keyguard

The Keyboard with Keyguard is a modified keyboard designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Available in a standard Windows keyboard with Windows keys, a 101-key mini keyboard, or an extended Macintosh keyboard, the keyboard comes with a pre-attached unbreakable Lexan keyguard with smoothly-finished holes properly aligned with each key to eliminate unwanted keystrokes. COMPATIBILITY: Models are available for use with IBM and compatible computers with AT/PS2 connection or

Keyguard For Computer Laptops

The Keyguard for Computer Laptops is designed for use by children and adults with fine motor and other upper extremity disabilities. The durable break-resistant acrylic keyguard features smoothly finished keyholes aligned with each key and is available with or without a removable cover for the touchpad to limit accidental mouse access.

Keyguard For Dana / Neo

The Keyguard for Dana/Neo is a keyguard designed for use by individuals with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities or cerebral palsy. This unit fits the keyboard of the Dana or Neo word processor (see entries) from Renaissance Learning, Inc., and allows students to rest their hands and helps prevent unwanted key presses.

Keyguard For Keysusee Large Print Kerboard

The Keyguard for KeysUSee Large Print Keyboard is a keyboard designed for those individuals with disabilities that affect upper body mobility, gross or fine motor ability, and/or a person’s ability to use their hands (Parkinson's). This product is only for use with the KeysUSee keyboard. Increases typing speed and accuracy. Frame/handrest prevents accidental keystrokes. Made of thick clear acrylic. Easy to attach and remove with Velcro strips.


The Keygards are designed for use with Apple and Apple II computer keyboards. This item fits directly on the keyboard and aids in stabilizing the fingers or a typing stick during typing. COMPATIBILITY: Models are available for Apple, Apple Keyboard "N," and Apple II keyboards (sold separately).

Keyguards (Models Kb & Kgf)

The KeyGuard is designed for use by individuals with fine motor and other upper extremity disabilities that make pressing one key at a time on a computer keyboard difficult. The KeyGuard is an easy-to-clean, coated steel frame that fits securely over the keyboard and provides physical separation between each key. Model KB fits the standard VisionBoard (see entry) and model KGF fits the VisionBoard2, KinderBoard, and MyBoard-lc (see entries). Model KB is available with or without function key hol

Keyguards For Augmentative Communication Devices

The Keyguards for Augmentative Communication Devices are a communication device accessory designed for use by individuals who have communication disabilities and fine motor or other upper extremity disabilities. Made of clear acrylic, these guards are available for a variety of communication devices and can include such features as a removable window and multi-shaped key holes.

Keyguards For Computer Keyboards

Keyguards for Computer Keyboards are designed for use by children and adults with fine motor and other upper extremity disabilities. The durable break-resistant acrylic keyguards are available for IBM and Macintosh computers and feature smoothly finished holes aligned with each key. Keyguards mount with Dual Lock (see separate entry) or Velcro and eliminate unwanted keystrokes. DIMENSIONS: The acrylic is 0.25 inch thick.

Keyguards For Popular Software And Adaptive Keyboards

Keyguards for Popular Software and Adaptive Keyboards are designed for use by children with fine motor and other upper extremity disabilities. Available for adaptive keyboards such as Intellikeys and the Discover:Board (see separate entries) and software access packages as Bailey's Book House, Millie's Math House, Sammy's Science House, Thinkin' Things Collection I, and Living Books (see separate entries), the keyguards are made of clear acrylic and enable users to avoid unintentional keystrokes

Mini-Keyboard With Keyguard (Model Mkk-100)

The Mini-Keyboard with Keyguard, model MKK-100, is a wireless mini keyboard designed for use by individuals who type with a single finger or a pointer. This keyboard connects to a computer using a wireless Bluetooth connection. The small size of the moisture-resistant keyboard reduces the distance the user has to reach to access all the keys. The keyguard fits between the keys and prevents simultaneously striking two keys next to each other. The keyguard is slightly taller than the keys to allow

Snap-On Keyguards

Snap-On Keyguards are keyguards designed for use by individuals with fine motor disabilities. Designed for use with Key Largo or Discover:Board (sold separately; see entries), these clear, snap-on guards are available in 128-key, 64-key, or 32-key configurations (sold separately). The guards enable the user to keep his/her fingers positioned over the appropriate keys while making a selection and to rest his or her hands on the keyboard during use.

Standard And Custom Keyguards For Intellikeys

The Standard and Custom Keyguards are keyguards designed to be used with IntelliKeys (see separate entry) for children with physical disabilities. The keyguards are designed to help the user make accurate choices by preventing unintentional keystrokes and providing stability for the user. The Standard Keyguards are made of clear acrylic and are available for each of the standard Intellikeys overlays ( Alphabet, Numbers, Arrows, Basic Writing, Apple QWERTY, and IBM QWERTY). To use the keyguard, t


SWITCHSKINS is a keyguard and protective cover designed to protect various electronic devices from getting soiled for individuals with physical disabilities. They are pre-molded, hygienic protective membranes that cover crevices and joints where saliva, germs, food, dirt and moisture can accumulate. They not only keep the devices clean and functioning longer, but also protect the caregiver and client from transferable germs and viruses. SWITCHSKINS can be created for a number of devices such as

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