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Exhibit Accessibility System

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Accessible Aquarium

PROTOTYPEPURPOSE: To create more engaging, dynamic exhibits for museums science centers, zoos, and aquaria for individuals with visual impairments. The Accessible Aquarium project combines the fields of psychology, computing, music, and assistive technology to develop cutting-edge bio-tracking and behavior- analysis techniques to provide input for multimedia auditory displays, music, and sonifications (use of sound to convey information about data to the listener). The first adaptation is for u

Childcraft Tumbletree Timbers Building Set, Ages 3 and Above, Set of 162

The Childcraft Tumbletree Timbers Building Set, Ages 3 and Above, Set of 162 is an educational toy designed for children ages three and up with Autism Spectrum Disorder to build their own pioneer cabins, farms, forts or frontier towns. Old fashioned wooden pieces help to test children’s ideas, knowledge skills and watch their imagination and confidence grow. 


IFTTT is a functional application for cellular phones designed to enhance accessibility on phones for people with severe physical disabilities. The app allows different apps to work together so to make one app do virtually anything with virtually any other app. The user can:

Kids Water Beads Growing Jelly Balls

Kids Water Beads Growing Jelly Balls are designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and sensory integration disabilities to help them calm down. Add water and the small beads grow in dimensions in a jar of distilled water overnight and can be dehydrated to return to the original size. It makes learning interesting. Use the bead ball game to teach children colors, counting and fine motor skills.

Learning Resources Snap n’ Learn Rhyming Pups, Set of 20

Learning Resources Snap n’ Learn Rhyming Pups, Set of 20, is a set of puppy friends that snap together to make rhyming words designed for children ages three and up to enhance vocabulary and improve fine motor skills. Set includes ten puppy heads with beginning letters and ten puppy tails with two letter word endings that can be mixed and matched to make a variety of rhyming words. 

Rabbit Sensory Habitat

The Rabbit Sensory Habitat is a room full of sensory products, deep pressure and weighted activities designed for children who are overly sensitive to or overly responsive to stimuli, to calm and soothe them. All of the packages above includes swings, lighting, and other tools, designed also to target aggressive behaviors like avoiding school work and tasks, hitting (self or others), uncontrolled energy, or withdrawn/sluggish movement. Each habitat is also highly flexible, adapts for different n

Raynes Rail

The Raynes Rail is a tactile and voice output orientation aid and an exhibit accessibility system designed for people who are blind or have low vision. The Raynes Rail can be installed in a variety of environments to provide audible and braille navigation and orientation information at strategic points. One or more rails can be installed in a location. Each rail has a braille label on one side providing navigation and orientation information about the premises in close proximity to the rail. The

Replogle Globes 39870 Intelliglobe II, 12 inch, Black

Shadow Drawing

Shadow Drawing is a do it yourself activity for children with learning disabilities to learn about shadow concepts of the sun. The parent or teacher does this with them outside.

Snoezelen Solar Projector Kit B

Snoezelen Multisensory environments (MSE) are a specialized selection of sensory equipment and materials that may help clients adapt their responses to sensory stimulation and to advance education and therapy goals. Each Snoezelen construction is designed to offer individuals with special needs and challenging conditions the opportunity to exercise choice through action.

Turn a Cardboard Box Into a Playhouse

Turn a Cardboard Box Into a Playhouse is a do it yourself product designed for children with sensory processing disorder to play in.

Water Wheel Project

The Water Wheel Project is a do it yourself product designed for children ages nine and up to create their own water wheel. The project may require some parental help when dealing with the cutting of certain objects (i.e- spoons, Styrofoam wheel) and also the use of a hot glue gun. In this project, users create a functional water wheel. When finished, the blades/buckets of the wheel must be created in a manner so that they can catch the water and create movement. The water wheel must have an axl

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