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Shin Support

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Airpro Shin Support

The AirPro Shin Support is designed for wear by children and young adults with lower extremity injuries or disabilities. This pull-on support extends from below the knee to the ankle and is made of breathable neoprenee. SIZES: Extra extra small (fits calf circumfeence from 11 to 12 inches), extra small (fits calf circumference 12 to 13 inches), small (fits calf circumference 13 to 14 inches), medium (fits calf circumference 14 to 15 inches), and large (fits calf circumference 15 to 17 inches).

Calf Shin

The Calf Shin in a calf and shin support designed for use by individuals with calf strains, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis or other lower limb injuries. This orthosis is designed to provide protection, heat, and compression to the lower limb. SIZES: Extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and extra, extra large. COLOR: Beige and blue.

Shin Saver

The Shin Saver is a shin support designed for use by individuals with shin splints or tendonitis of the calf or related lower extremity disabilities. Available for the right or left leg, these splints are made of breathable elastic material for comfortable compression. A vertical pressure bar and adjustable straps provide controlled pressure. SIZES: Small, medium, or large.

Shin Splint Brace (Model 535)

The Shin Splint Brace, model 535, is a shin support designed to provide support and relieve pain associated with shin splints. Medical steel springs are intended to provide compression and upward support to the posterior tibial muscle while elastic straps on the anterior side of the brace are designed to adjust the amount of tension and compression to the calf muscle. SIZES: Small to Extra Large.

Universal Shin Splint Support (Model 9070)

The Universal Shin Splint Support, model 9070, is a calf and shin support designed to relieve the pain of shin splints. The neoprene support includes two adjustable straps for positioning. SIZES: Small and large. COLOR: Tan.

Versi-Splint Kit

The Versi-Splint Kit is a modular shin support, fracture orthosis, and wrist and forearm splint designed to provide support for injured or broken arms, hands, or legs. The kit includes 6 large and 2 small reusable, foam-padded ABS plastic splints with stretchable elastic straps for positioning or attaching splints to each other to create larger units or to create configurations to accommodate specific injuries. The kit includes a carrying bag. DIMENSIONS: Large splints are 11.5 inches long and s

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