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Spatial Orientation Activity

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Adapted Bocce

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Students with disabilities may experience difficulty in throwing activities, such as bocce. Using the gutter as a ramp provides active participation for those students with movement limitations due to contractures, abnormal muscle tone, etc. The ramp is lightweight, easily transported, and contracts for little storage space. Students may use the ramp as they sit (easiest and great for kids with wheelchairs). Standing, aiming the ramp, and holding th

Calming Autism Sensory LED Light Projector Toy Relax Blue Night Music Projection

The Calming Autism Sensory LED Light Projector Toy Relax Blue Night Music Projection is a product designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to help them calm down. This product reproduces the sparkling sea and allows the user to feel as immersed in the deep sea calm. Projects relaxing water waves on the ceiling for a soothing bedtime effect. With this lamp, the user can achieve a sense of physical and mental relaxation. Relaxing multicolour LED mimic the movement of ocean waves.

Ducks On A Pond

Ducks on a Pond is designed for children with neurological and upper extremity disabilities who are working on improving their kinesthetic awareness, hand skills and upper extremity stability. Players work to move the magnetic duck through each maze by moving the magnetic handle under the maze board. Vision is blocked so sense of kinesthesia is facilitated. Comes with 3 ducks, 3 handles, 6 maze boards and wooden maze holder. Frame requires some assembly. COLOR: Blue table top. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE

Educational Advantage Emotions Fishing, Set of 22

The Educational Advantage Emotions Fishing, Set of 22 is an educational game designed for children ages three and up with learning disabilities to explore emotions and build fine motor skills, dexterity and coordination. Can be used in a water tray or on a table. Features 18 emotions faces (three each of happy, sad, angry, upset, worried and surprised) that will not rust in sand or water and four magnetic fishing rods.

Educational Advantage Netting Number Crabs 1-20

Educational Advantage Netting Number Crabs 1-20 is a fun netting game designed for children ages two and up with Autism Spectrum Disorder to develope their gross motor skills, eye hand coordination and number recognition. Ideal for sand and water play, or can be used on any flat surface. Suitable for up two players. There are 20 friendly giant crabs numbered 1 to 20 and two large crab nets. The set comes complete with a net bag for storage and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is designed for younger children ages 3 and up with learning disabilities or who cannot yet read to promote hand strength and eye hand coordination as well as to develop matching, sorting, strategic thinking, fine motor and pre-handwriting skills. Players use squirrel shaped tongs to pick up and manipulate small acorn pieces. It's a fun game to promote separation of the sides of the hands and arch strength needed for pencil grasp. 2 to 4 play

Educational Playtime with Duplo – Sorting, Estimating, and Building

Educational Playtime with Duplo – Sorting, Estimating, and Building is a do it yourself learning activity designed for children with fine motor disabilities to learn matching and sorting skills with estimating and building.

FengleMa 8 Shape Infinite Loop Toys

FengleMa 8 Shape Infinite Loop Toys are designed for babies with sensory integration disabilities to help them promote growth and creativity, as well as improve their logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. Loop Track set can also treat Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety, and Autism Adults. The child needs to be accompanied by adults during use to prevent children from swallowing small balls. Smooth handling does not hurt the hand. Includes the foll


Fit-a-Space is an activity designed for children with fine motor disabilities to play with, sort, string, and puzzle with. The Fit-a-Space is good for developing fine motor skills. Use the 52 fit-in shapes to form patterns and sort by shape or color on a table or on a string.

Formboard With Removable Hands (Model 1-03700-00)

Formboard with Removable Hands, model 1-03700-00, is a form board and spatial orientation activity designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision or cognitive disabilities. This form board has a base with incised left and right hand shapes and removable hand pieces. The tops of the hand pieces are smooth and the bottoms are textured. This activity promotes orientation to left and right hand positions and texture recognition. Print instructions are included. COLOR: Base is light gr

Fraction Pie Puzzle

Fraction Pie Puzzle is designed for children and adults with cognitive impairment and learning disabilities who are learning number concepts, improving their logical thinking skills, fine motor skills and more. This set contains six sorting bowls, heavy-duty eight-compartment tray, number cube, three spinners, plus Friendly Farm Animals, Mini Motors Counters, Fruity Fun Counters, Link ‘N' Learn Links, pattern blocks and transparent counters. Also included is a teaching guide and activity cards.

Gel Tiles

Gel Tiles are a perceptual training activity designed to encourage manipulation for children with cognitive, developmental, fine motor, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities. These sealed plastic tailes are filled with brightly-colored, non-toxic gel that reacts to hand pressure. Set includes six tiles ranging in a variety of shapes (circles, squares, etc.). DIMENSIONS: Sizes range from a circle 3 inches in diameter to a 20-inch square. COLOR: One tile each of red, yellow, green, blue, o

Giant Pea Pod XL

The Giant Pea Pod XL was designed for growing kids with Autism to get in tune with their balance, define spatial boundaries in a calming way or to be used as an added support on suspended equipment in the classroom or clinic. 

Glitter Pin (Model 1695)

The Glitter Pin, model 1695, is a spatial orientation activity designed for use with children with sensory, neurological, and developmental disabilities. This clear cylinder is divided into three sections and can be easily mounted onto a mirrored base (model 1650 sold separately). When the child spins the cylinder, beads tumble as each section lights up, music plays, and the cylinder gently vibrates. This toy does not require a capability switch. POWER: Uses two AA batteries. DIMENSIONS: 11.25 x

Green Toys Dump Truck 3D Puzzle

Green Toys Dump Truck 3D Puzzle is a chunky, tactile puzzle objects for building a big, heavy-duty 3D dump truck picture for children with disabilities to play with that encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, shape recognition skills, and imaginative play. Puzzle pieces include truck cab, truck bed, and two spinning wheels. Children can fit pieces into matching slots in the tray to build the whole truck.

Grid Drawing Color Frog

Color Frog Grid Drawing is a do it yourself activity designed for children with disabilities to help them with their visual reasoning, visual motor and visual closure skills. As well, this activity works on drawing skills.

Gross Motor Color Mixing for Kids

Gross Motor Color Mixing for Kids is a do it yourself activity for children with learning disabilities to explore their gross motor skills.

Guidecraft Sand Block Set

The Guidecraft Sand Block Set is an educational toy designed for children ages three and up with Autism Spectrum Disorder to form new shapes, colors, order and sounds. Blocks package containing four rectangle and four half moon shapes is sold as eight per set.

Hoberman Mini Sphere ï Neon

The Hoberman Mini Sphere ï Neon is an educational toy designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to help them fidget and keep calm. Each sold separately. Color cannot be chosen.

Hula Hoops

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To provide different size hoop targets for children working on improving strength and eye hand coordination during throwing activity. MATERIALS: Underwater sprinkler pipe ($20 for 100 feet from Menards Store) Double male connecter ($.50 each) Athletic tape DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut pipe to desired length 2. Insert male connecter into pipe ends to form a circle. 3. Wrap the seam with tape


--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To allow children improve their motor planning skills while running, jumping or stepping over an obstacle.

Infantino Sensory Press and Stay Sensory Blocks

Infantino Sensory Press and Stay Sensory Blocks are designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to eliminate frustration and encourage imagination. Stack up and build sideways. High contrast colors and interesting textures.

Interchangeable Music Puzzle/switch (Model 921)

The Interchangeable Music Puzzle/Switch, model 921, is a puzzle switch, adapted music box, eye hand coordination activity, and spatial orientation activity, designed for use by children and adults with brain injury or cognitive disabilities. This puzzle has removable blocks which allow the user to progressively increase the skill required to complete the task. Start with one shape and any four blank blocks and build up to five distinct shapes. When the task is completed, music plays. If a reward

Intervention Level Tub Easy Pack

The Lower Level Functioning Tub Easy Pack is designed for individuals 8 years or older who require assistance in diverting disruptive behaviors or alleviating boredom by offering a variety of activities in one kit. It is designed for individuals who require minimal supervision. Each collection comes in a handy, stackable see-through storage container with lid. COLOR: Multiple colors. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Jenx Prone Stander- Size 1 -Orange

Jenx Prone Stander-Orange is a dedicated prone stander designed to provide support anteriorly for children with mobility and neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida and Tethered spinal cord syndrome. The individual support pads can be adjusted in relation to each other to ensure a proper fit. Children with longer bodies and shorter legs can be just as comfortable as those with shorter bodies and longer legs. The hip and chest straps are closed in the center and then adjus


Joinks are designed for children to give them opportunity to develop fine motor skills and greater visual-spatial proficiency. Designed for innovative building with flexible connectors and wooden sticks. Encourages creativity as the child is able to build forms, geometric shapes, and molecular models. Pieces connect easily and pop apart.

Jump And Play Island (Model 4500)

The Jump and Play Island, model 4500, is a spatial orientation and balance training device designed for use by children with balance disabilities. This unit has a large inner tube at the bottom with eight vertical poles arranged so that children and climb around and between the poles while climbing over the inner tube. Playing in this unit increases spatial awareness, provides proprioceptive input, and increases balance and motor planning as children walk around the unit or manuever in and out o

Kaye My Red Walker

Kaye My Red Walker is designed for young children with neurological and motor disabilities such as cerebral palsy, dystonias and Angelman’s Syndrome who require posture support while learning to work. The Kaye My Red Walker places the support behind the child to insure upright alignment and placing the child’s center of gravity within the base of the walker for safety and balance. The walkers have 360 degree front swivel wheels which can be locked for straight ahead tracking. The swivel on the

Learning Game Board

Learning Game Board is a customizable game board for children and adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. This is a blank, magnetic, dry erase game board has four player positions – two that have been specially adapted with large activation buttons for choosing among the four play spaces in front of a player. For those who need to use their own switches, the board also has switch inputs at these two positions. The Learning Game Board is dry erase so it can be used over and over again f

Learning Resources Birds in a Nest Sorting Set

Learning Resources Birds in a Nest Sorting Set is an educational game designed for children ages two and up with sensory processing disorder to sort, match and count. Match the momma and baby birds to the same colored nest. Bowls stack for easy storage. Set of 36 includes 24 baby birds in 6 colors, 6 momma birds, 6 color nests and Activity Guide. One or more players.

Learning Resources Crocodile Hop Floor Game

The Learning Resources Crocodile Hop Floor Game is designed for children ages three and up with learning disabilities to engage in gross motor play as an individual, in a small or large group. Reinforces a range of early learning skills: color and shape recognition, numbers and counting (1-10), problem solving and gross motor skills.

Letter Formation with Play Dough

Letter Formation with Play Dough is a do it yourself activity designed for students with fine motor and learning disabilities to work on fine motor skills and literacy and to learn colors.

Magic Mirror Cube

The Magic Mirror Cube is a perceptual training activity designed for use with young children with physical and neurological disabilities. The soft cube closes with Velcro and it opens to reveal four framed acrylic mirrors on four different surfaces. The cube may be arranged in a variety of ways around a child seated on the floor for self-discovery or visual stimulation activities. DIMENSIONS: 11.5 inches. COLOR: Each cube surface is a different color.

Memory Trainer Application

The Memory Trainer Application is a functional Android app designed to improve spatial and working memory. User will be put through a variety of “workouts”. In particular, Memory Trainer works the users spatial, working memory, focus, chunking, and concentration.

Mirror Pebbles

Mirror Pebbles is designed for children who are working on improving their cognitive and visual perceptual skills. Mirror Pebbles comes with 20 smooth reflective wobbly shapes designed for sorting and sequencing.

Motorized Scooter Board (Model 1510)

The Motorized Scooter Board, model 1510, is a scooter board designed to enhance motor planning skills, spatial orientation, and understanding of cause and effect relationships for individuals with physical or neurological disabilities. This scooter board is ideal for young children who have never moved independently, providing the opportunity to learn control their bodies in space and to learn to stop at obstacles. When activated by a capability switch (not included) connected to the control jac

Musical Rolling Pin (Model 160)

The Musical Rolling Pin, model 160, is a spatial orientation activity designed for use with children with sensory, neurological, and developmental disabilities. This clear cylinder is filled with brightly-colored objects. When the child spins the cylinder, the objects jump and dance and a music box plays.

Number Recognition: Fall Tree Number Matching

Number Recognition: Fall Tree Number Matching is a do it yourself activity designed for children with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and learning disabilities to practice number recognition.

One Lump Or Two?

One Lump or Two is designed is designed for use by children working on improving their fine motor skills as a result of Down’s syndrome, stroke, and cerebral palsy.  While planning a tea party, players get to organize, problem solve and work on fine-motor-skill building.   Players make invitations, placemats, and party favors as well as prepare simple treats.   Activities in this book are designed to enhance eye-hand coordination, sense of perception, and more.  

Paddle Pong

Paddle Pong is a two player classic arcade style game designed specifically for individuals with special needs. The players can use the program with a variety of input devices simultaneously to move their respective paddles. For example, both players can use switches, or one player can use switches while the other player can use a mouse, touch window or the keyboard. For switch users, two switches are used for each player, one to move the paddle up and the other to move it down.

Peg A Circle Set (Model 1-08550-00)

Peg-A-Circle Set, model 1-08550-00, is a pegboard and spatial orientation activity designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision. This pegboard is a teaching aid designed to help young students understand the concepts of sequential order, next, clockwise, and counterclockwise. It consists of a board with 16 holes in a circular pattern, and 16 pegs that can be placed in the holes to form a circle. DIMENSIONS: The board is 12 inches square. COLOR: Board is light gray with black peg


Pewi is a walk/ride-on device designed for infants as young as 9 months of age, working on motor planning, balancing and learning to walk. It is designed to enhance body and space awareness by allowing the user greater freedom of movement. It can also be used by children ages 12-36 months as a foot-to-floor ride-on device. The Pewi has multi-directional caster wheels that allows the user to ride and easily in any direction. It can be used for indoor and outdoor play on smooth surfaces.


PlayShaper® is a play structured scaled for preschoolers ages 6-23 months learning to crawl, walk and about the location of objects and object permanence. These play systems invite youngsters to develop their physical skills while learning the social skills needed for community life. Cooperative play and shared imagination are encouraged. Kids receive interactive sensory experiences through inviting climbing challenges. Colorful learning panels encourage creativity while building cognitive sk


Smirthwaite’s stacking Plinths are structures used in the school and home environments for individuals with upper and lower extremity disabilities working on posture, balance, transfers and other therapeutic exercises. OPTIONS: Folding Leg Plinths, Quick Fix Plinth Tray, Quick Fix Vertical & Horizontal Handrails, Plinth Half Coverboards, and Suction Hand Grips are some of options available for the plinth. SIZES: 1, 2, 3, 4. DIMENSIONS : Size 1 Length 1070, Width 665; Size 2 1500, Width 745;

Privacy Pop Tent

Privacy Pop opens like a tent and fits around the bed to provide a comforting sense of security and privacy for children and teens who feel calm in enclosed spaces. Supports kids and teens with sensory processing challenges and autism as well as those who share a room and need a smaller space for themselves. Dark color and dark interior aids calm, relaxation and sleep, and zip/mesh windows offer ventilation and light as needed. This product can be used without a bed as well.

Rabbit Sensory Habitat

The Rabbit Sensory Habitat is a room full of sensory products, deep pressure and weighted activities designed for children who are overly sensitive to or overly responsive to stimuli, to calm and soothe them. All of the packages above includes swings, lighting, and other tools, designed also to target aggressive behaviors like avoiding school work and tasks, hitting (self or others), uncontrolled energy, or withdrawn/sluggish movement. Each habitat is also highly flexible, adapts for different n

School-Rite Ltrb Galaxy Activity Template (Model 673)

The School-Rite Galaxy LTRB Activity Template, model 673, is a drawing and spatial orientation activity designed for use by children with eye hand coordination, neurological, or fine motor disabilities. This thick plastic stencil can be used for teaching directionality and training student skills in locating objects. It introduces the concepts of left, right, top and bottom, focusing on physical placement of images within the context of a template. It provides sample shapes for recognition and i

See It, Make It

See It, Make It is a visual training activity designed for use with individuals with perceptual or neurological disabilities. This spatial relationship and design copying activity requires the user to trace one of the large geometric designs with a finger and then draw it on one of the 12 double-sided reusable cards. Suggestions for other activities are also included.

Sensory Mirror

Sensory Mirror is a free-standing, full-length sensory mirror designed to provide visual feedback for children learning about body awareness and position in space. The legs of the mirror are different shapes that contain tactile and visual stimulation. The mirror can be tilted and it can be used during sensory therapy sessions.

Sensory Soother Ball

Sensory Soother Ball is designed for children and adults with sensory processing disorders, limited mobility, generalized weakness and limited coordination due to surgery or neurological accident. The Sensory Soother Ball can be inflated with air or filled with water. The Sensory Soother Ball is a clear vinyl 12 inch ball that engages gross motor and visual tracking skills. The small white foam pellets contained within the interior cylinder shake and move when the ball is tossed or turned. When

SENSORY4U Dew Drops Water Beads Ocean Explorers Tactile Sensory Kit

SENSORY4U Dew Drops Water Beads Ocean Explorers Tactile Sensory Kit is a product designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to relieve their stress and anxiety. These marbles are marble-sized when fully hydrated and shrink to original size when dry. The user adds the desired number of beads to water.

Southpaw T-Tunnel (Model 3960)

The T-Tunnel, model 3960, is a crawling tube designed to develop motor planning and spatial orientation for individuals with a physical disability. While crawling through the tunnel the client develops body schema and awareness of the body in respect to space as well as left and right discrimination. The tunnel is made of breathable fabric which is "see through" and the support wires are covered with flexible tubing to prevent scraping and bruising as the clients crawl. Spreader bars help to kee

String Along Lacing

String Along Lacing is a fine motor activity addressing the skills of design copying, counting, and spatial relations designed for children to use their fingers and wrists and promote visual coordination. There are 18 colorful laces included with a childproof punch pen.The child uses a similar grasp and movement patterns to a pencil. The child punches the pen into the re-useable foam board and the pull pen to another hole. The foam board gives some resistance to the punch pen helping to develop

Talking Maze Game

The Talking Maze Game is a voice output game program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This game of memory and spatial awareness features a series of mazes of increasing difficulty. The player must navigate each maze, colliding with the walls as few times as possible. The player must also memorize the moves they make as they navigate the maze to avoid too many unnecessary steps. The game can help young children gain awareness of the environment and how to move aro

Touchable Boxes

DO IT YOURSELF PURPOSE: To teach math concepts, spatial orientation, and other concepts to students who are blind or who have low vision. The box begins with a plastic box with a smooth, flat, snap-lock top. Place two strips of self-adhesive Velcro in parallel lines on the lid, so they resemble lines on a sheet of paper. Turn the lid over and attach three parallel lines. This creates a set of worksheet templates. Other configurations and layouts for special uses can be created using additional

Visuospatial Ii

Visuospatial II is a series of seven visual spatial training programs. Perceptual/Motor I requires the user to position a line so that it mimics a target line. Guess Which Shape fills in a figure so that it emulates one of four, eight, or 16 target shapes; the user has to identify which target shape is being filled in. How Many Block requires the user to enter the number of blocks required to create a randomly-drawn pattern. Labyrinth is a 3-dimensional maze that is run within a designated time

Vroom Town Chunky Puzzle

The Vroom Town Chunky Puzzle is a set of four colorful vehicle blocks that fit into slots carved into a wooden puzzle board designed for children with disabilities to encourage their fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, matching skills, and imaginative play time. The colors and designs fill young minds with wonder and makes it easy for little hands to match the shapes. The puzzle board shaped is like a truck and printed with a roadway design.

Wedgit Jr. Set

Wedgit Jr. Set is a three-dimensional building and design copy system for children and adults. It can be used to work on working on spatial orientation, motor planning, head and arm stability, and perceptual skills. The bright, primary colored, chunky, plastic pieces are engineered to endlessly nest, link, and lock together. Users can use their imagination or use the design booklet to form structures and shapes, from simple to complex.

Wiggle Worm Crawl

The Wiggle Worm Crawl is an outdoor crawling tube designed for use by children ages two through five with physical and neurological disabilities. Constructed of molded polyethylene segments, the tunnel has an undlating profile which provides a sliding sensation as children crawl up and down the gently raised midsection. Small windows provide light and ventilation and aid in supervision. OPTIONS: A smiling worm head is available. COLOR: Seven standard two-color combinations are available. Custom

Yogarilla Fun Deck

Yogarilla Fun Deck is designed to teach children with and without physical disabilities traditional and original yoga poses. This set contains 55 yoga poses and 110 colorful activities on 6 inch x 8 inch cards to help children understand how their bodies and minds work together. Occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, teachers, and parents can use yoga in the classroom, at home, or in treatment to improve fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, atten

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