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Synthetic Skin Bandage

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HealFast Bandage

The HealFast Bandage is a prototype bandage that provides electrically-accelerated wound healing, particularly suited to help diabetic patients speed up the closure of their chronically unhealing sores. HealFast features single-handed usage for people with less dexterous or arthritic fingers. An electrical field, when applied radially to a wound, starts and accelerates healing.

Medipro First Aid Kit Pods

The Medipro First Aid Kit Pods is an emergancy kit for children who need medical attention to bandage them. Stay prepared for "ouchies" with the Medipro First Aid Kit. This kid-friendly kit includes all the essential items needed for minor injuries and emergencies. Items are organized in pods that can be sized down making it perfect for on-the-go or travel. Introducing the next generation in first aid kits. Medipro First Aid Pods are neatly organized, stackable "pods" that help you find the band

Medline Maxorb II Alginate Wound Dressing

The Medline Maxorb II Alginate Wound Dressing is designed for people with skin injuries or extremity disabilities. The dressing is highly absorbent 100% alginate dressing with superior fluid handling that delivers high-performance absorbency and wet strength. It is sterile and absorbs drainage. It is available in rope form for filling moderate to heavily draining wounds and in sheet form for shallow moderate to heavily draining wounds.

Medtronic Covidien Owens Non Adherent Surgical Dressing

The Medtronic Covidien Owens Non Adherent Surgical Dressing is designed for people with skin injuries or extremity disabilities. It is intended to cover burns, incisions, granulating areas, skin grafts, and lacerations. It is a single-use, sterile and versatile dressing that minimizes trauma upon removal.

Spenco 2Nd Skin (Model 6353)

SPENCO 2nd Skin is a synthetic skin bandage designed to reduce friction and the discomfort of abrasions, blisters and scratches. The hydrogel sheets cool and soothe the skin. DIMENSIONS: 3 x 6 1/2 inch sheets; may be cut to size needed.

Spenco Dermal Pads

Synthetic skin bandage. Reticulated closed cell elastomer. Feels like skin. Sterile. Packaged. Absorbs pressure. Eliminates friction. Adheres to any surface. Gas sterilizable. Washable 2 year shelf life. Cuts to any shape. 4 by 4 inch sheet, 1/2 inch thick or 3/16 inch thick.

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