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Tactile Discrimination Training

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Awareness Box

The Awareness Box is a tactile discrimination training kit designed for use by individuals with cognitive, vision, or neurological disaqbilities. Designed to raise tactile awareness, the set includes one Koosh Softee Ball, one Mini Koosh Ball, one Spiderball, one foam ball, one Squeezeball, one Waterlog, one SensaBall (see also separate entry), 10 Mini FringeBalls, and five large FringeBalls. The set also includes an Awareness Guide and a carrying/storage case.

Ball Pit Tent (Model 1440)

The Ball Pit Tent, model 1440, is a tent designed to provide tactile stimulation and vestibular and proprioceptive input for individuals with physical disabilities. The tent is a junior version of the standard tent with an added mat floor. It is ideal for smaller children who may be intimidated by the larger ball pit. For gravitationally insecure children it provides a sense of weightlessness. The mat base folds for transportation and storage and the tent is easily disassembled. DIMENSIONS: Tent

Ball Pool With Net Canopy (Model 1400)

The Ball Pool with Net Canopy, model 1400, is designed to provide tactile stimulation and vestibular and proprioceptive input for clients of all ages with a physical disability. The ball pool provides a number of motor training and visually stimulating activities from just standing in the pool practicing balance to diving in from the side. The larger balls are designed to soften the impact of jumping and diving into the pool. The pool encourages imagination and is ideal for the gravitationally i

Brush And Touch Stimulation Set

The Brush And Touch Stimulation Set is a tactile discrimination training kit designed for use by individuals with cognitive, vision, or neurological disabilities. Designed to offer a range of tactile experiences, the set includes a soft massage mitt, barbershop shaving brush, two big-tooth foam combs, a long-nub massage brush, a curved-handle brush, a genuine Florida sponge, a lava stone and two loofa pads.

Color Matching.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Intended to facilitate color differentiation and matching. Toy made from a piece of plywood about 3 by 10 inches, 6 plywood squares, 1 1/2 inches square, and paint manufacturers' sample color cards - 2 cards each of 6 colors. One set of color samples is glued down one side of the board, the other on the blocks, which can then be placed on the board next to the same color. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Caston, D TITLE: Easy to Make Toys for Your

Educational Sensory Ball

The Educational Ball is a foam ball designed for use by children with cognitive or physical disabilities. The dense foam ball is covered in a variety of materials and features four holes that children can put their hands in to identify a hidden object by feel; two children can also reach through to meet hands in the middle. One surface has a mirror attached to it. DIMENSIONS: 16 inches in diameter.

Exercise to Work on a Thumb Wrap Grasp

The Exercise to Work on a Thumb Wrap Grasp is a do it yourself activity designed for students with dexterity and fine motor disabilities to improve pencil grasp. It is an exercise with play dough that is fun with mini fluted flower beads. This activity is important, because it works the muscles needed to oppose with an open web space and flex the tip of the thumb. This is the mobility needed to advance the pencil fluently. These flower beads are good for this exercise because of the length of th

Feel And Match Textures (Model P2206)

Set of twelve 3 1/2 inch disks used in tactile discrimination training. Feel and match textures comes in 6 color and texture matched pairs; textures include brocade, plastic, felt, rubber and denim.


Goo is a tactile discrimination training activity designed for use by individuals with cognitive, sensory, or neurological disabilities. Availabled in Bugs 'N Goo or Alien Goo (each sold separately), each jar is filled with thick, water-based gel-like "goo" interspersed with character figures. Users stick their hands in the "goo" to find and identify the figures. The "goo" can be used in the jar, but it is also thick enough to be removed from the jar and used on a table without spreading.

Infantino Sensory Press and Stay Sensory Blocks

Infantino Sensory Press and Stay Sensory Blocks are designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to eliminate frustration and encourage imagination. Stack up and build sideways. High contrast colors and interesting textures.

Interactive Learning Block And Dressing Frame (Models 8100 & 8110)

The Interactive Learning Block and Dressing Frame, models 8100 and 8110, are activity kits designed to develop fine motor skills, eye hand coordination and tactile discrimination for individuals with a physical disability. They combine many simple activities into one item and provide a number of textures and shaped such as laces, snaps, clasps, zippers, buckles, button closures, hooks and loops. The Interactive Learning Block has a different activity on each side so it can be used by more than o

Learning Sensations Play With Letters Desk

Learning Sensations Play with Letters Desk is a tactile discrimination training and sensory integration activity designed for use by children with visual, cognitive, and neurological disabilities. This preschool desk incorporates touch, sight, and sound to teach the alphabet, phonics, spelling, rhyming, and introductory reading skills. It features a rectangular desktop with storage space for 26 textured and Braille-labeled letters, a carrying handle, a writing surface, dry eraser, spelling and p

Multi-Sensory Centers (Models 725 & 726)

The Multi-Sensory Center are touch switches and sensory integration activities designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, fine motor, sensory, and neurological disabilities. Designed to provide auditory, tactile, and visual stimulation, each center is equipped with ultra-bright lights, vibration, and music. Internal switches allow each type of stimulation to be used individually or they can be used in a variety of combinations. Additional tactile stimulastion is provided by the textur

Oval Texture Switch With Battery Interrupter (Model 711-I)

The Oval Texture Switch with Battery Interrupter, model 711-I, is a switch adapter and touch switch designed for use by individuals with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities. Two battery interrupters (C, D and double-A) are permanently attached to a medium size Oval Texture Switch (see separate entry). The oval-shaped switch is brightly colored and textured. Slip the thin disk into a battery-operated toy or device and it becomes switch adapted. DIMENSIONS: 9 inch diameter.

Pass The Bag

Pass the Bag is a tactile discrimination training activity designed for use by children ages three and up with cognitive, sensory, or neurological disabilities. The players reach into the cotton/mesh bag to feel and identify the various shapes and sizes of the 40 included plastic pieces and then pull them out to match them with the images on brightly colored laminated cards (four included).

Southpaw Tactile Activity Kit (Model 2850)

The Tactile Activity Kit, model 2850, is a tactile discrimination training kit designed for non-visual tactile activities for individuals with sensory depravation. Hand openings on either side of the activity box allow the therapist to inssert tactile objects without the client seeing. Foam shields around the hand openings prevent the client fro peeking. The set comes with 25 pair of different wooden shapes, playing cards with a colored picture on one side and a line drawing on the other and a c

Southpaw Textured Dominoes (Model 1571)

Textured Dominoes, model 1575, are designed to provide tactile stimulation for individuals who are visually disabled or sensory deprived. The dominoes are black and have "touch and feel" spots representing several textures such as courduroy, burlap and sandpaper. On the other side of the dominoes are large coored dots so that individuals with vision can enjoy them also. A set of 28 dominoes comes with a drawstring bag for storage. DIMENSIONS: Dominoes are two by four inches. GUARANTEE: One full

Tact-O-Saurus Jane (Model 3340)

The Tact-O-Saurus Jane, model 3340, is a tactile therapy toy designed to enhance tactile sensation for individuals with sensory depravation. It encourages the a full range use of imagination while building motor skills. Five sections of interchangeable bosy parts can be pulled apart and put back together. Each section is filled/covered with a different tactile media ranging from hard and light to soft and heavy. The fabrics range from smooth to coarse. DIMENSIONS: Five feet total length, each pi

Tactile Matching Board.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Intended to give a child tactile experience. Plywood board 8 by 18 inches marked into 12 sections; various materials with different surfaces (corrugated cardboard, sandpaper, rubber, various cloths) are glued onto 6 sections and matching materials are glued onto 6 pieces of 3 by 4 inch wood pieces. The child can then put the blocks on the squares next to the matching surface. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Caston, D TITLE: Easy to Make Toys for

Tell By Touch

Tell By Touch is a tactile discrimination training activity designed for use with individuals with neurological disabilities. The set includes large hardwood dominoe-style plaques with large textured circles and hardwood knobs to be placed in the circles. The knobs have eight to ten variously-colored textures. The users match the textures on the knobs with those on the plaques using tactile and visual discrimination.

Tilt Fidget Ring

The Fidget Tilt Ring is designed for those who need assistance focusing, such as those with ADD, ADHD, or concentration disorders. This ring mimics and embraces the human tendency to tap on one's knuckles and click the end of pens.

Touchable Boxes

DO IT YOURSELF PURPOSE: To teach math concepts, spatial orientation, and other concepts to students who are blind or who have low vision. The box begins with a plastic box with a smooth, flat, snap-lock top. Place two strips of self-adhesive Velcro in parallel lines on the lid, so they resemble lines on a sheet of paper. Turn the lid over and attach three parallel lines. This creates a set of worksheet templates. Other configurations and layouts for special uses can be created using additional

Transformer Sensory Sack

The Transformer Sensory Sack aims to transform a child's mood from hyper and distracted, to alert and calm. The adaptive sack provides deep pressure, resistance, heavy work and snuggling capabilities. Users with sensory processing disorder (SPD) are able to stretch, crawl, move, roll and relax while receiving calming sensory integration therapy at the same time. DIMENSIONS: 40 inches length x 20 inches width. CAPACITY: 100 pound weight capacity. COLOR: Blue. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the


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