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Corner Seat

Free-standing molded ABS plastic seat with pommel and deep back for lateral trunk support. Separate trunk support pads or chest belt may be added, as can a modular headrest or footrest. Can be used with adjustable height table for work chair at home or classroom. Three sizes: Small and Medium with maximum seat depth of 12.5 inches and seat height of 8.5 inches. Large with maximum seat depth of 14 inches and seat height of 11 inches. Back is 18 inches high but can be cut to size before attaching

Bath Frame

Tubular steel frame with polyester webbing support surface rests on top of bathtub. Allows washing with shower hose attachment, minimizing lifting for parent or attendant. Top section of frame can be hinged to allow user to sit up. Can be stored against wall. Each unit is custom made to fit tub dimensions.


Tubular steel frame on four rubber casters. Frame is higher and wider in front than in rear, to increase stability and allow safe movement of hands on floor. ABS plastic torso support padded with ensolite foam and velcro-closing webbing belts at front and rear. Crawler is made to order according to child's measurements.

Floor Seat

ABS plastic seat ($202) and back are vacuum-formed separately and assembled to suit child. Unit sits directly on floor, with child long-sitting. Leg abduction support wings are attached to slots in base to allow adjustment of position. Available in one size for children about one to five years of age. Can be ordered with higher back, head support, seat belt or chest belt, knee straps, toy bar, or padded seat and back covers. ABS table ($180) with chromed steel frame adjusts from 9 to 11 inches i

Mobile Bean Bag Chair

Chair has chromed tubular steel base with casters on the front and small wheels in rear. ABS plastic seat and back shells attach to frame. Vinyl or Naugahyde bean bag, stitched on three sides and zippered on fourth, is one-third filled with polystyrene beads and velcroed to seat and back. Seat is usually reclined at 15 degrees from horizontal; back adjusts from horizontal to nearly vertical with ratchet mechanism. Rear push handles. One size only, with bean bag mattress approximately 4 feet long

Standing Frame

Tubular steel frame and plywood panels with wheels at rear and pegs with rubber crutch tips on front, allowing standing frame to be tipped back and wheeled from one place to another. Wooden footrest attaches to bottom of frame with molded plastic shoeholders. Wooden back board measures 28 inches high by 18 inches wide, with adjustment of height by reattaching board in alternative bolt holes. Adjustable height and depth foam knee support is clamped to vertical slot in back board. Foam- lined leat

Prone Stander

Chromed tubular steel frame with movable support areas, adjustable height and angle of incline. Padded areas support the trunk and knees. Plastic shoe holders attach to wooden footrest with velcro. Pivoting front support leg permits adjustment of angle of incline. Straps across hips and chest provide support. Accessories: pommel, abduction wedge, foot blocks or wedges to accommodate leg length discrepancy or tight heel cords, removable tray, lateral trunk and hip supports, toy bar. Available to

Sling Bath Seat

Stainless steel frame, hinged with ratchets to allow back to be reclined. Telescoping tubes to allow seat adjustment. Foam tubing slips over frame to pad hard surfaces. Polyester mesh fabric held in place with velcro straps forms seat and back upholstery. Sizes: Small, 11 inches wide, for children from one to three years; Large, 14 inches wide, for children from three to ten years.

Pommel Walker

Chromed tubular steel scissors-type frame with alternative link bolt holes for height adjustability. Chest pad provides front support. Height adjustable pommel or saddle seat for leg abduction and weightbearing through the crotch. Removeable back pad attaches to pommel stem and fits behind buttocks. Four casters, in 1.5 inch, 3.5 inch, or 5 inch sizes, either unidirectional or pivoting, available with foot-actuated locking brakes. Tray for upper extremity support. Sizes: Mini, for children 30 to

Tricycle / Bicycle Back Support

U-shaped chromed steel bar attaches to tricycle or bicycle frame with adjustable clamp. Otto Bock thoracic pad is mounted to U-bar by height adjustable clamp. Also available: foot receptacles with toe straps, handgrips which clamp to handlebars, chest belt, and heavy duty training wheels.

Castor Cart

Vacuum formed ABS plastic base with 8-inch wheel on each side and a caster in the back. Back support is molded into base, with front extension for leg support in long-sitting position. Removable tubular steel push handle fits into receptacle at back of cart. Adjustable head support, pommel, chest belt and pad, seat and back cushions can be added. Child propels cart by pushing wheels. Low to floor for independent transfers. Seat belt attached to base. One size, for children 9 months to 4 years. B

Winnipeg Modular Seating System

Modular seating system. ABS plastic seat and back modules can be attached together to form a simple wheelchair insert or fitted to special interface hardware. Two back styles: standard with contouring at waist, and MD back with preformed lumbar support cushion. Two seat styles: pommel seat and transfer seat without pommel. Sizes range from 10 to 15 inches seat width by 12 to 19 inches seat depth by 19 to 23 inches back height. Additional components include headrest, lateral trunk support, tray,

Winnipeg Toilet Seat

Childs toilet seat, molded ABS plastic seat attached to a stainless steel tubular frame providing posterior and lateral support. Combination pommel/urine deflector. Polyurethane foam backrest is mounted to the frame on adjustable brackets. An aluminum bar which is permanently mounted to the toilet which anchors the frame and allows the seat to be removed or attached easily. Available in two armrest heights (4 1/2 inches and 6 1/2 inches), and two cutout sizes (8 by 5 and 6 1/2 by 4 inches) to ac

Abs Plastic Tray (Models 1719, 2121, & 2124)

Molded ABS Lapboard with an edge rim. Three sizes: 17 1/2 by 19 1/2 inches; 21 1/2 by 21 inches; and 21 1/2 by 24 inches. Attaches to wheelchair armrest with bayonet style hardware, adjustable for different wheelchair widths. Accessories: clear (PET) shield that snaps onto the tray for use with symbol charts. The shield becomes scratched with use and must be replaced when it becomes difficult to see through.

Cozy Seat

Modular seating system. Designed to support children one to three years who require special seating for support and positioning. Consists of a one piece seat and back shell made from ABS plastic with a cover and a metal frame. Can be reclined. Accessories: abduction pommel, head rest, flexible trunk bolsters, neck rest, tray, seat belt, chest belt and toy bar. Optional: back spacer to adjust seat length. Can be placed in strollers, wheelchairs, high chairs, toboggans.


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